Wednesday, May 25, 2022
NewsGran claims Aldi toy is "yelling racist slur" at her half-Chinese granddaughter

Gran claims Aldi toy is “yelling racist slur” at her half-Chinese granddaughter

A GRAN claims a toy she bought from Aldi for her half-Chinese granddaughter is yelling a racist slur.

Claire Sung says the activity toy should say “pink star” but insists the poor audio quality makes it sound to her like “ch**k star”.

Claire, from Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, bought the £20 Mamia Activity Table for her 10-month-old granddaughter as a Christmas present.

Claire filmed the toy in use and then uploaded the cliip to social media. She wrote: “Don’t know about this Aldi UK. Sounds racist to me.”

The short clip shows an activity table flashing its lights and music being played in the background.

Claire then presses the pink star button more than once which keeps making an animal noise.

She then presses a red button and, on hitting the pink star, the toy makes the controversial sound in question.

Claire accepts there is no question the toy is meant to offend and suspects the problem is simply down to poor audio.

She said today: “I am a mother of three half-Chinese children and one English child. I am also a grandmother of four beautiful children.

“I bought this toy from Aldi for my 10 month old granddaughter for Christmas.

“We turned it on and started to watch my granddaughter have fun with her new noisy toy whilst watching her play and baby bash it as all babies do.

“We were all shocked to hear the toy shout  ‘ch**k star’.

“Now we know it is meant to say ‘pink star’, but with the bad audio and poor speaker, no matter how you listen to it, it shouts ‘ch**k star’.

“Considering my children and one grandchild have Chinese blood in them this took a little hit as my granddaughter was exposed to such language on her first Christmas.”

The family are certain the toy said “Ch*** star” (C) Claire Sung

Kevin Daniel Parkhouse commented online: “Ohhh lmao”.

Kevin Daniel Parkhouse wrote under Claires’ post saying: “Did that say “pink dog”?

Yunyee Sung replied “Ch**k” followed by a luaghing emoji.

But Jordan Mansell was not convinced, writing: “Sounds like  pink star to me lol.”

The product, which is designed to help babies “think, learn, explore and play”, is said to be not available on Aldi’s website.

Aldi have been contacted for a comment

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