Friday, August 19, 2022
NewsTerrifying moment yobs on trike come within inches of texi carrying mum...

Terrifying moment yobs on trike come within inches of texi carrying mum and her young children

SHOCKING video shows the moment a young family in a taxi were almost hurt by two yobs on a trike almost caused a head-to-head crash.

The powerful bike tears around a corner and comes within inches of the cab, whose driver swears in shock.

A mother travelling with her young children also swears in terror as the vehicle can be heard making off. 

The incident took place on Saturday evening in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Taxi driver Dave Johnson, from Lichfield, posted the clip to his Facebook page Taxi Dave saying: “That was a close shave on Meadowbrook Road last night, thought it was a motorbike as it was going so fast around the bend, after playing back the video from the dash cam it’s a trike! 

“I had a family with young children in the minibus at the time, thankfully no one was shaken up too much after I had to hit the brakes for this idiot!”

The clip shows the taxi driving around a blind bend before a trike suddenly appears.

The three wheeled vehicle shows no sign of slowing down as it drives head-on towards the taxi.

The youngsters can be seen within inches of the Taxi.

Dave slammed on the brakes as the trike, which appears to have two riders, turns slightly to avoid the collision. A woman in the taxi gasps before shouting: “F***!”

A relieved Dave shouts “Jesus Christ!” The mother is then heard saying: “f****** hell.”

Dave then explains to his passengers what it was he saw: “That was a crazy bloke on a motorbike who tried to take us out.”

The mother who was in the taxi at the time commented under the post saying how scary the incident was.

She posted: “That was scary. Apologies for the swearing was just in shock as that bike came so close to hitting us. That bike came from [nowhere.]”

The duo narrowly avoided the Taxi, thankfully nobody was hurt.

Others commented saying how reckless the trike was.

Julie Davis wrote: “We had a boy racer in a car do that on the way back from Birmingham.  How he missed the car in front I will never know.

“He must have been doing over 100mph at the time, cut us up and under took the car in front, two seconds later another followed behind him. I was sure we were going to see them take out another car or kill themselves.”

Mike Prince added: “What an absolute tool. Mate I might team up with you on this cam stuff. We see it in the lorry everyday too. Morons. It’s people like me and you that drive for a living who have to live with the consequences if something goes horribly wrong, and we kill someone from their own stupidity.”

Angie Darboe said: “My ex-husband used to call them organ donors, I can see why.”

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