Friday, June 24, 2022
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“A real s***-er” – Amazon shopper’s fury as he is sent box of nappies instead of laptop

HILARIOUS images show how a data scientist ordered a laptop from Amazon, but was sent a box of nappies instead.

Amazon-shopper Tim, from Guernsey, revealed the hilarious mix up on Wednesday, after he purchased the item to enable him to work from home during the lockdown.

The 21-year-old unboxed his delivery expecting to find a £650 Huawei laptop inside, but instead found two packs of Pamper’s baby nappies.

A perplexed Tim says he initially thought he had been pranked by a friend.

He took to social media to share the hilarious mix-up, posting a photo of the nappies with the caption: “So I was expecting a new laptop to arrive today.

“Looks like even do April fools gags.

“I really hope I can get the money back…this is a real s***-er haha”

The 21-year-old unboxed his delivery expecting to find a £650 Huawei laptop inside

Tim’s post sparked amusement from friends.

Judith Sanders wrote: “Just think someone has a laptop instead of  nappies and can’t decide if they’re disappointed or not.”

Speaking today, Tim said: “I had ordered a laptop and thought long and hard about what kind as you can imagine.

“When it arrived, my initial thought was, ‘I have been done’ I thought it was one of my friends.

“But then I went and checked the code and it was the same on my order as on the box and I just thought, ‘oh dear’. It could not have been a worse day.

“I’ve ordered another one that is supposed to arrived today at 11am so hopefully that gets here.

“Amazon’s automated response said they will collect the parcel and give me a refund, but I think they’re expecting to just get back another laptop – not a box of nappies.”

He took to social media to share the hilarious mix-up

It’s not the first time Amazon have made a colossal mix up.

In December last year, the retailer apologised for sending numerous customers random items instead of the Nintendo Switch consoles they ordered.

Among those to complain was mum Lucy Henderson who received batteries and washing powder instead of the gaming device.

Similarly, Dave Martin, from Bicester, Oxfordshire was sent a ream of paper instead of the console.

Amazon said they had apologised to Tim and had offered him a refund.

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