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What cycling events are on in 2020

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Cycling as a sport has recently gained the interest of many people throughout the world. In many parts of the world, it had only been used as a means of transport for short and medium distances. Nowadays, bicycle races are common throughout the world. Cycling is also recognized as an Olympic sport and is seen as national pride in most European countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Italy.

The international interest in cycling led to the formation of Union Cycliste Internationale on 14th April 1900. Union Cycliste Internationale is the international body responsible for governing cycling and international competitive cycling events. Union Cycliste Internationale creates the calendar of events for all the cycling genres available in the world. Let’s look at what was prepared for 2020.

  • Road Racing

Road racing can be an individual or team competition that may involve one-day cycling to taking the whole time between spring through to autumn. Several events are scheduled for road racing in 2020  according to the Union Cycliste Internationale calendar. The first event is National Road Championships for New Zealand that is scheduled to begin on 14th February to 26th April 2020 followed by Ecuador National Road Championships Scheduled to begin on 6th March to 7th June 2020.

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Grand Prix International de la Ville d’Alger will take place on 3rd July 2020 in Algeria, GP Général Patton on 4th July 2020 in Luxembourg. Tour of Mevlana in Turkey, Sibiu Cycling Tour in Romania and Tour de Feminin – O cenu ?eského Švýcarska in the Czech Republic will be on 2nd-5th July 2020. These are just but a few road racing planned to take place in 2020. To view the full Road racing calendar you can refer to the official Union Cycliste Internationale (

  • Track Racing

Track racing involves cycling that is done on banked tracks or velodromes and can similarly be individual or team championships.

This year’s events include  Grand Prix of Moscow that will begin in 1st June-3rd Jun 2020 hosted by Russian Federation, GP Brno Track Cycling on 06 Jun-07 Jun 2020 in the Czech Republic, Japan Track Cup II on 06 Jun-07 Jun 2020 in Japan, 23à Sei Giorni Delle Rose – Fiorenzuola 2020 on 4th June-9th June 2020 in Italy, Grand Prix of Saint Petersburg 6th-9th June 2020 hosted by the Russian Federation and International Track Race – Panevezys 2019 on 12th June 2020 I Lithuania.

Other Track events within the same year include Festival of Speed and 4° International in USA and Piceno Sprint Cup in Italy on 12th&13 June and Korea Track National Championships on 20th-25th June 2020. For the full calendar of track events.

  • Mountain Bike Racing

This is an outdoor racing that is held in places with different terrains that require technical skills like downhill. The Calendar of cycling events for Mountain bike racing for the year 2020 is also just as long as the other events. The following events are scheduled for 2020.

First, the year kicks of with UCI MTB MARATHON SERIES – Momentum Health presented by Biogen Attakwas Extreme on 18th Jan in South Africa, Snow Bike Festival in Switzerland and Hellenic Cycling Federation Cup Vol.- 1 in Greece while Thailand will host Thailand National Championships – DHI – XCO on the same day and Extend into the 19th day of January 2020.

UCI MTB Eliminator World Cup – XCE – City Mountainbike will be held in France and Israeli National Championship – XCO in Israel on 5th June 2020. On 6th June 2020, Irish National Championship – END will be held in Ireland while Portugal will host Portugal Cup XCO on the same day.  

  • BMX Racing

BMX racing is also off-road as mountain bike racing only that it takes place on track with built on purpose obstacles. BMX racing for 2020 kicks off in Russian Federation on 11th Jan with Saransk Indoor, Round 1 and Saransk Indoor, Round 2 on the following day. UCI BMX Supercross World Cup – Round 1 and 2 are on 1st and 2nd Feb respectively in Australia. The year has very many BMX racing events. 


BMX freestyle events begin in Mexico on 1st March 2020 with the Tala – Tierra de Gigantes. Mexico again will host Guadalajara World Capital of Sport 2020 on 7th March and Mexico National Championship on 8th March. The next event, the Austrian National Championship, will be in Austria on 1st June and Venezuelan National Championship will be on 27 June while Hungarian National Championship will be on 22nd August.

Campeonato Nacional will be hosted in Mexico on 5th & 6th September while El Salvador National Championship on 12th & 13 September. Slovak National Championship on 10th October, Peru National Championships on 18th October, UCI BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland World Cup 5th-8th Nov and the BMX racing event will be closed by Pan American Continental Championships in Peru on 15th Nov 2020.


Trials begin on 06th-07th June 2020 with German National Championships, on 20th June,  Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Vic – GP Diputació de Barcelona will be held in Spain,  on 21st June, Polish National Championships and French Cub is held on 27th June-28 June 2020


According to UCI calendar Cyclocross racing begun on 1st January 2020 with DVV Verzekeringen trofee GP Sven Nys in Belgium and will end with GP Leuven on 22nd Feb 2020. In summary, All Cyclo-cross events for 2020 have been hosted.


UCI indoor 2020 calendar open in Germany with Cup 21 (Intern. Radball Turnier RSV1291) held on 4th January and closes with UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Final on 5th Dec in the Czech Republic. Other events in between the period include 60.

Neujahrs-Radballturnier to be held on 5th Jan, Heilige-Drei-Könige Turnier on 6th Jan, D.I.A.C. Dutch International Artistic Cycling Contest on 25th Jan, Internationale Bodensee Meisterschaft on 21st June in Austria and Hong Kong Open on August 9, 2020

In summary, UCI has a total of 52 INDOOR Racing, 24 trials, 40 Cyclo-cross, 76 BM racing, 12 BMX Freestyle, 83 track events, 348 Mountain bike racing events, and 342 road racing events.

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