Shocking video shows yobs shouting racial abuse at man and ordering him off bus


THIS is the moment racist yobs appear to force a man off a bus and call him a black “c***”.

The shocking scene apparently took place on public transport in Shooter’s Hill, South East London on 15 July.

The clip shows the victim of filming as two white men shout abuse from the top deck and order him to get off the bus.

As the video begins, the two men can be heard repeatedly saying: “Get off the bus.”

The man filming says: “Why are you staring at me, is there a racial issue?”

One man shouts back: “It’s not about racist burv. Get off the f****** bus.”

He then leans over the banister and starts pointing aggressively at the exit and threatens to “smash” the man filming.

Racist abuse on London bus
The man was shouted at from the top deck of a bus (Copyright unknown)

As he walks down the stairs, one of the white men shouts: “And you are a black c*** actually.”

The man filming shouts back: “What? Be racist again I’ll knock you out.”

The white men continue to call the man a “black c***” and threaten him with violence.

As he gets off the bus, he is pursued by one of the men in a black tracksuit.

He asks: “What are you doing? Why are you racially profiling me?”

The man yells back: “If you’re pulling the race car you might as well be a black c*** then.”

When asked why he is harassing the victim, the man in the tracksuit then claims that he was “giving it to his brother”.

Racism on London bus
The man accused the victim of being rude to his brother

As the clip ends, the man is followed off the bus by one of the yobs who tells him he has 30 seconds to leave.

The footage appeared on social media yesterday morning, shared by Twitter account London & UK Crime.

They reported the incident as having taken place on the number 89 bus at around 2.30pm on Wednesday.

The video has angered social media users.

Jack Smith wrote: “Apparently there is no racism in this country.”

Racism on London bus
The incident took place in Shooter’s Hill (Image: Google)

@Romansworld added: “White people being racist again Where’s the gammons who are going to defend this?”

Several people pointed out that the clip only appears to show “half the story”.

However, @HeyLookitLiam_ replied saying: “We can literally see and hear racial abuse in the video, and some people are still like ‘what’s the other side of the story though’.”

And Cienna Francesca said: “Disgusting, isn’t it?”

The Metropolitan Police said they were aware of the footage.

A Met Police spokesman said: “We are making efforts to contact the victim and would encourage any victim of racist abuse to report it to police.”