Tuesday, May 24, 2022
NewsShocking footage shows Morrisons' employee screaming racist abuse at customer

Shocking footage shows Morrisons’ employee screaming racist abuse at customer

SHOCKING footage has emerged of a Morrison’s employee hurling racial abuse at a customer.

The incident is believed to have taken place at a store in Palmers Green, London and appeared on social media on Friday.

As the clip begins, the customer is seen being held back by security as a woman off camera shouts at him.

The Morrison’s employee can be heard saying: “All I said to you was turn the card over you stupid f**** c***.”

The black customer responds: “They are going to have to sack you.”

The employee shrieks back: “Come and hit me, hit me, then I can take you to court you c***”.

Morrisons security worker
A security guard attempted to intervene

The enraged worker then storms towards the man as a co-worker fails to restrain her as she continues to scream “Hit me”.

Astounded shoppers can be seen watching as the Morrisons employee’s rant turns racist as she shouts: “Hit me you f**** p****, you black c***”.

Loud gasps can be heard as shocked bystanders cringe at the woman’s racist remarks as she continues to berate the man.

The woman continues to threaten: “I’ll get someone to come and hurt you, you’re going to hate me. You don’t know who I am you p***”.

Morrison's staff
The woman made several threats to the customer.

More of the woman’s co-workers surround her as they struggle to contain their irate colleague.

The woman finishes her rant by saying: “I’m sick and tired of everybody abusing me, that’s what I’m sick and tired of.”

“I come off my holiday and every time I come in this store someone’s going to mentally abuse me.”

The video was posted to Facebook with the caption “Morrisons staff calling a customer Black c*** absolutely shocking.”

Morrisons customer
It is unknown how the incident began.

The clip has stunned social media users.

Gina Johnstone wrote: “I’ve had bad days in customer service but never used that as an excuse to unload verbal abuse against a customer.”

Simone G Meech added: “Made a right a*** of herself there.”

Elish Gleeson wrote: “Wow that’s not on, I hope to god she got the sack.”

And one Twitter user reposted the video, saying: “Morrisons can someone let us know if this vile racist piece of s*** has been fired yet? Palmers Green store!”

A Morrisons spokesman said: “The individual in question no longer works for Morrisons.”

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