Shocking moment incompetent driver is caught trying to reverse up slip road to rejoin motorway


SHOCKING dash cam clip shows the moment a car attempts to reverse back up a slip road onto a busy motorway.

The driver of the white hatchback was caught trying to rejoin carriageway outside Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Motorist George Adams was travelling along the M5 on 30 October when he passed the incompetent driver.

Car tries to reverse onto busy motorway -Dashcam Clips
The white car can be seen sitting into the right hand side of the sliproad, reversing back onto the dual carriageway

In the video, 23-year-old George, from Clifton upon Teme, Worcestershire, can be exiting the M5 to join the M42.

As he takes the slip road, a white car comes into view which appears to be tucked into the hard shoulder of the right lane.

As he passes, it becomes clear the driver is attempting to back up their vehicle along the busy slip road.

A furious George is then heard blasting the horn at the foolish driver who continues to crawl backwards.

Luckily, George manages to squeeze past the car unscathed thanks to his left hand side being clear.

Sound engineer George then decided to share the footage on Facebook on 11 November, saying: “This happened a few weeks ago to me.

“A car reversing down a slip road on the right hand side trying to get back on the motorway. I was in my work van at the time.”

The clip has left social media users baffled.

Bruno Lazaro said: “Because just driving on and rejoining the motorway one mile ahead is too much hassle.”

Andrew Kennedy added: “The van should have kept going until the next junction then back on to the motor way.”

Car tries to reverse onto busy motorway -Dashcam Clips
George Adams was shocked at what he seen and posted it on a dash cam page.

And Bob Rooke commented: “Always call the police when you see that. It’s probably the most dangerous thing you can do apart from stopping in the outside lane.”

Speaking today, George explained: “I was overtaking lorries at the time hence why I was in the right hand lane and then luckily noticed the car reversing.

“I had to swerve slightly.

“Luckily, I just passed a lorry and had a gap next to me on the left, so I didn’t hit anything.

“Then I beeped as I went past to warn them of my presence and mostly to warn them that they’re in the wrong.”