Police share dramatic photos showing how motorist cheated death after vehicle was struck by lorry tyre on motorway


SHOCKING images reveal how a lucky motorist cheated death after their vehicle was struck by a tyre that “sheared off” from underneath a car transporter.

North West Motorway Police shared the startling images yesterday of the crushed silver van following the impact.

Luckily, the driver escaped unscathed despite the fact the wheel smashed onto their windscreen.

The pictures, taken on the M60 at Junction 15 near the Worsley Interchange, show how the vehicle has been left with a huge dent in the roof, which has partially caved in.

A silver van was crushed by a tyre from a lorry - UK News
North West Motorway Police uploaded images of van that was crushed by a tyre after it ripped off a lorry (C)NW Motorway Police

The windshield is cracked and shattered and has also fallen in on itself onto the driver’s seat.

The wheels can also be seen lying across the central reservation.

While photos of the car transporter show how the wheels have “sheared off” its axles.

The dramatic images were shared by North West Motorway Police, who said: “This is the van that was hit by the tyres from the car transporter, driver had a very lucky escape, photos showing how far the wheels travelled.”

A silver van was crushed by a tyre from a lorry - UK News
The police shared the post to make others aware of the dangers of not tightening wheels (C) NW Motorway Police

The images have stunned social media users.

Robin Sods wrote under the post: “The wheel must have been bouncing along like a kangaroo and done the pole vault off the windscreen and roof.”

John Baker added: “Someone’s guardian angel working overtime today. And well done to the driver of the van for keeping himself and the van under control.”

Irene Kiely said: “That driver is very lucky to have survived looking at the impact to their van.”

The wheel of a lorry came off crushign a silver van - UK News
The police were amazed by how lucky the van driver was (C) NW Motorway Police

And Adam Richards commented: “Have you ever felt the weight of a truck tyre?

“They’re heavy. It’s the stored rotational force that does the damage.

“Even a car tyre can cause catastrophic damage, that driver is seriously lucky.”