Could this be the UK’s most bounciest dog? Hilarious video shows pooch reaching extreme heights on sofa


Hilarious video shows a border collie reaching extreme heights as she jumps on her owner’s sofa.

Two-year-old Echo was captured reaching the top of the window while jumping up in the air at her home in Essex.

The energetic pooch can be heard squealing with excitement as she uses her front paws to propel herself into the air.

Echo’s tail is shown wagging as she bounces back each time, back onto the seat cushions, before bouncing back into the air.


The impressive pet manages to give herself a second extra boost while she is in the air, to reach new heights.

Echo’s owner, John Glover, revealed she “goes nuts” all the time and hides whenever he is outside so she can run back in to continue jumping on the sofa.

Speaking today, John said: “I’m outside in that video, she just wants to be with me.

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Social media users have been impressed with just how high Echo could bounce.

“If she knows that I’m only going in the garden, she hides behind the kitchen table so she doesn’t come outside just so once I’m out and the doors shut she can bounce.

“If I come back in she stops and hides again. Nuts. She must enjoy it.

“Everyone thinks it’s nuts. I swear she’s going to knock herself out on the ceiling one day.

John added: “She lives for trucks, tractors and tennis ball…not necessarily in that order.”

John shared the video on Facebook last week, captioning it: “Anyone else’s dog this nuts?”

Animal News UK - Deadline News
Echo likes to jump around on the sofa whenever she can see her owner outside.

The clip has attracted almost 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments on Facebook from impressed dog owners.

Michelle Edwards Street wrote: “Oh my goodness! Nope you win.”

Maria Alexeychuk said: “Dang!!! That dog gets some air!.”

Jackie Yauger commented: “That is a lot of height for that pup.”

John McKay wrote: “That’s a hell of a leap. Have you been feeding it salmon?”

And Verna Shepherd added: “Boy he’s got some springs in them heels.”

Yisoo Hwang even joked: “Looks like it’s his super power.”