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Adorable images show “misfit” pooch who was rejected and had ear bitten off by mum

ADORABLE images show a “misfit” pooch who had her ear bitten off by her mum after being rejected at birth.

One-year-old golden retriever Lola was given CPR and brought back to life in 2019 after being born dead.

She was rejected by her mother because she smelled different to her siblings after being taken away for an emergency intervention from her owners who saved her life.

Her mother snapped at her and bit her ear off as a warning for her to stay away from the rest of the group.

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Lola has become a hit amongst social media users online.

She was taken away for her own safety and bottle fed before later being reintroduced and accepted by her mother and the rest of her siblings.

However, when all the other pups were being rehomed, Lola was the last to be chosen until she was spotted by her now owner, Myla Michelle.

Myla said as soon as she saw one-eared Lola in an advert online, she had to have her.

The adorable pooch has since become a hit amongst social media users after Myla shared her story and posted photographs of her on Facebook last month.

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Lola settled right in with her family.

Myla, a school teacher from Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada today said: “Our first dog Shya is 12 and has anxiety so we thought that she could benefit from another dog in the house during the day. 

“We were looking for puppies online and while all the pups we saw were adorable, none quite ‘fit’ for us. 

“Then my husband came across Lola’s picture- she was so tiny and had only her left ear. And I texted him back and only said ‘we need her’. 

“She was in a litter of eight and all other puppies were spoken for and the family that had originally said they would take Lola changed their minds so she didn’t have a family. 

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Lola as a little pup.

“Our dog Shya had a spinal injury a few years ago and has a difficult time walking, and then when we saw Lola, a little misfit puppy with one ear, we new she was the one for us.”

Myla and her partner “fell in love” with Lola as soon as they met her.

She added: “Her breeder told us that she was born last of the litter and her pregnancy sac came out but she didn’t come out with it, so when she was finally born she was born dead. 

“The owners did puppy CPR and brought her back to life, thank goodness, but because she wouldn’t have survived without human intervention the momma dog saw her as a weakness to her little golden retriever pack and wanted to send a warning to her to stay away so she ripped off her ear. 

“We were told that when they’re first born their ears are paper thin and so Lola didn’t bleed or have any pain there, which is somewhat comforting. 

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Myla fell in love with Lola as soon as she saw her.

“We fell in love with Lola when we saw her and she fits so well into our little family.

“She’s been a trouble maker for sure…eating all my left shoes and swallowing an open safety pin scaring the crap out of us and bringing her to the pet hospital only to have her eat a diaper and poop the pin out.”

Myla shared Lola’s story on Facebook last month – attracting over 12,000 likes and over 800 comments from adoring dog lovers.

Lyn Nguyen wrote: “Awww the poor baby! She’s so beautiful.

“I never knew mother dogs would bite their own babies ear.”

Shelley Senkbeil Farrell said: “Oh, she is perfect. We have two golden’s and a golden mix, and I just say I’d have snatched your girl up too.”

Yvette M Lucy commented: “Man what a story! Dog mamas don’t play.”

And Allison Nicole Shanabrough added: “Omg. I love her. 

“It seriously just looks like her ear is permanently flipped over. Gives her some extra character and charm.

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