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NewsThree "official" Loch Ness Monster sightings already registered this year

Three “official” Loch Ness Monster sightings already registered this year

THREE “official” Loch Ness monster sightings have already been recorded this year.

Nessie enthusiast Eoin O’Faodhagain claims to have seen “two black shapes” about 100 feet apart splashing in the water last week.

The 55-year-old also believes he spotted the mythical beast “splashing about” three days before, on Loch Ness near Urquhart Castle.

His sightings have been recorded as official by the Official Loch Ness Monsters Sightings Registers Sightings page.

The health worker spotted Nessie on January 19 and the Friday, in which he claimed the first sighting was visible for over 20 minutes.

However, Kalynn Wangle, from Oregon USA logged the first sighting for 2021 on January 11 when she noticed a V shape in the loch that was only there for a few seconds.

The 27-year-old’s sighting shows a black blur near the front of the bay for the webcam beside a tree.

However, Eoin’s clips show Nessie splashing about and appearing to move quickly towards Urquhart Bay and two black shapes can be seen with one looking similar to a hump.

Eoin is no stranger to Nessie, having caught the first sighting of the decade back in January as well as eight other sightings of the creature.

He claims this is the most exciting sighting of the creature as he believes he saw her hump and potentially four flippers.

Third confirmed Nessie sightign of the year - Scottish News
A NESSIE enthusiast claims to have spotted the Loch Ness Monster for the third time this year, recording the biggest ever sighting of the beast.

Speaking today, Eoin said: “The weather was calm and there were no boats in the water.

“This sighting was similar to the one three days earlier in that I noticed a disturbance in the water, but this time there were two large objects causing this.

“Two black shapes about 100 feet apart splashing about in the water.

“They were a couple of feet out of the water and at least a dozen feet long.

“The object on the right submerged, then came up again, then the one on the left did the same thing intermittently.

“They were visible for up to three minutes.

“While I kept viewing the webcam to see if anything came up again, a black hump-like shape caught my eye four minutes later, a few hundred yards to the North briefly.

“I took a screenshot of this image and zoomed in on the black hump, and you can clearly see two small shaded areas to the top and bottom of the black shape, which is in the centre, in perfect symmetry alignment, as to suggest there are all part of the one object, like four flippers for example.

“It is a very unusual image that I captured. This black shape is a few feet out of the water.

“I have two new sightings of something unexplained in Loch Ness, that [were] listed on his web site, that were viewed on the webcam above Urquhart Castle.

“The first sighting was on January 19 at 14.20 pm 2021,something unexplained caught my eye, a disturbance in the water, that went on for 20 minutes.”

There were 13 confirmed sightings of the monster last year, including one over sonar and a heavily contested picture photograph that some claimed was faked.

Last September, researchers from New Zealand claimed that the Loch Ness Monster could be a large eel, extracting DNA from water samples to test for this.

Research carried out in 2018 revealed that the mythical creature is worth £41 million a year to the Scottish economy.

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