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Amazon customer brands driver “incompetent” after catching him lobbing parcel at gate – despite mailbox two metres away

AN AMAZON delivery driver has been branded “incompetent” after lobbing a parcel at a customer’s security gate – despite a mail box being just metres away.

The courier was caught on camera attempting to throw the parcel over a large gate and then leaving it laying on the ground.

Angered customer Yana Holmwood managed to catch the driver on CCTV from outside her home in Stock in Essex on Sunday.

Yana attached video of the fumbling driver as he attempted to make a delivery to her address.

The driver can be seen approaching the 8ft gate to her home clutching her Amazon parcel – while a large mailbox is shown at the side of the gate.

He checks his phone at the rear of his white van before making his way towards the security gate.

Standing quite a distance away, he then decides to lob the box full of gift bags at the large security gate – as opposed to placing it in the mailbox which is beside the gate.

The brown Amazon box smashes against the top of the gate and lands back to the ground with a clatter.

He then paces backwards and then returns to his van.

Incompetent amazon driver throws parcel at security gate - Video News UK
The parcel can be seen flying through the air.

Another video taken one minute later shows him returning to the gate and quickly tossing the package over the fence.

Yana shared her video of the incident onto Facebook later on that day, captioning her post: “I was lucky to get my Amazon parcel today… Shocking service by this driver:

“1) The grey post box is in view next to the gate. This parcel fits in that box yet the driver never attempted it.

“2) There’s a keypad with a call button at the gates. No attempt by this useless driver to call it. We were at home.

Incompetent amazon driver throws parcel at security gate - Video News UK
He then goes back to the gate to empty to throw it over, again.

“3) There is a 2nd video… After being spotted by a passer by, the driver went back and successfully threw the parcel over the gate.

“There’s dogs on the other side. If we hadn’t been home and seen that parcel fly over the gate, it would have been destroyed by the dogs.

“This driver is totally incompetent!”

Since she shared her footage of the driver, her post has received comments on the drivers shocking display.

Jen Thomas said: “Sack him. Not many good delivery drivers.”

Debbie Louise posted: “Oh my goodness – that is shocking!”

Incompetent amazon driver throws parcel at security gate - Video News UK
Social media users where left shocked by the clip.

Dave Datoo commented: “Mate, I’m a driver and that’s just incompetent. That’s ridiculous and indefensible.”

Speaking today, Yana said: “It wasn’t anything breakable luckily.

“It was 30 pretty ribbon tied gift bags. The fact it wasn’t breakable wasn’t the point though.

“He went back after being seen and made a 2nd success attempt to throw it over.

“Two of our dogs were out at the time and if we hadn’t of had a call from a neighbor to say he’d seen him throw it, we wouldn’t have looked out the door to see it come over the gate and the dogs would of likely ripped it up seeing it as something to play with.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We have very high standards for our delivery partners and expect every package to be handled with care.

“We’ve notified the right teams internally and are working with the customer directly on matters related to their package delivery.”

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