Driver with no licence, insurance and bald tyre causes motorway crash


AN Audi driver with no licence, insurance and a bald tyre crashed into a van after losing control of their car on the motorway.

Shocking images show the smashed up Audi A3 lying on its side and propped up against trees after skidding off the M1 outside Tibshelf, Derbyshire on Wednesday.

Cops discovered that the driver had no car insurance or a drivers licence when they were called to the scene.

Audi driver crashes due to bald tyres on motorway - Police News UK
Car parts can be seen strewn across the grass verge.

Another picture shows parts of the vehicle strewn across the wooded area and side of the road.

While a close up image shows one of the driver’s tyres almost completely bald in the middle.

Police cars can also be seen parked up beside the scene.

The driver lost control while it was raining on the busy motorway and ended up colliding with a van.

Derbyshire Constabulary shared the shocking images on their Facebook yesterday, writing: “Yesterday, on M1 North Tibshelf, the driver of this Audi lost control in the rain, crashing into a van and ending up in a verge.

Audi driver crashes due to bald tyres on motorway - Police News UK
The Audi was left on its side and wedged between trees.

“Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit discovered shortly after that the driver had no licence or insurance and the Audi had a completely bald tyre.

“Aside from the obvious need for a licence and insurance, we want to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of checking your tyre tread depth.”

They added: “It’s a legal requirement that each of your tyres has a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

“Driving without the legally required amount of tread can adversely affect your grip, braking distance and steering.

Audi driver crashes due to bald tyres on motorway - Police News UK
The bald tyre.

“If you’re stopped by the police and found with illegal tyres, you could receive a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre.”

Police also gave advice on how to check tyre tread to make sure your tyres are within the legal requirements.

The post has been inundated with comments from viewers who have slammed the driver.

Laszlo Horvath said: “Throw the book at them. Disgusting.”

David Sansom posted: “No insurance? – leave him there.”

John Ashworth commented: “Hope he gets the emergency services response bill.”