Scots photographer captures stunning shot of vibrant starling


A SCOTS amateur photographer has captured breathtaking images which showcases the vibrant colours of starling birds. 

Mark Farrell managed to capture the stunning picture of the bird while in Glenboig, North Lanarkshire on Saturday.

The 47-year-old snapped the starling standing amongst grassy foliage with it’s incredible and intricate details on display. 

Stunning Startling | Nature News Scotland
Mark Farrell’s stunning image of the vibrant starling.

In the image a starling can be seen standing amongst grassy foliage with incredible detail showing its array of purple, blue, turquoise and orange feathers. 

The bird’s feathers, and particularly its underbelly is also seen to have an intricate pattern of white spots. 

The tip of the bird’s otherwise yellow beak can also be seen to match its purple feathers, whilst its bright red feet are a stark contrast to its otherwise dark undertones. 

Mark Farrell | Nature News Scotland
Mark Farrell who likes connecting people to nature during the pandemic through photography.

Speaking today Mark, from Moodiesburn, North Lanarkshire, said: “I was out on my daily walk trying to capture any images to share with people who are feeling isolated and cut off from nature during lockdown. 

“When the starling landed on a patch of grass about four metres in front of me.
“I instantly noticed how bright and vibrant its plumage was and realised it was the start of mating season. 

“I was delighted with the image, I love any encounter with nature.”

Mark posted his stunning snap to Facebook later on that day, writing: “Spectacular colour on this Starling today in Glenboig.”

Mark Farrell's Facebook post | Nature News Scotland
Mark Farrell posted his snap shot to Facebook.

The post gained dozens of likes and comments with impressed Facebook users praising the shot. 

Trish Patton wrote: “Beautiful colours.”

Jackie de Jong said: “Stunning bird.”

James Chestnut commented: “Spectacular.”

Janna Zepp joked: “Quite the paint job on that bird.”

Andrew William Brandie also commented: “Absolutely stunning picture.”