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EntertainmentBored Gordon Ramsay pranks Starbucks employee by being difficult customer

Bored Gordon Ramsay pranks Starbucks employee by being difficult customer

A BORED Gordon Ramsay has filmed himself pranking a Starbucks drive-through employee by pretending to be an extremely difficult customer.

The Hell’s Kitchen star decided to “have some fun” yesterday after driving all day so decided to target the unsuspecting coffee shop employee. 

Posting the clip to TikTok, the 54-year old-celebrity chef filmed himself spotting the Starbucks sign before embarking on his mischievous wind-up attempt.

The reality TV superstar can be heard toying with the Starbucks employee, asking a selection of peculiarly difficult questions. 

 Ramsay begins the prank with a sly dig at fellow celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, saying: “Do you have any of those amazing toasties? 

“Is that the ham and cheese Jamie Oliver toastie from the Shell garage? 

“Oh, they said their toasties were this way.”

He then continues to joke with the employee saying: “Is there any tomato in there? 

“Mustard, is it English or French mustard? 

“American, oh. I’m allergic to the American one.”

Ramsey then continues to wind up the attendant by asking “do you do takeaways?” before asking him “what’s ten take away from a hundred?”

Gordon Ramsay TikTok prank | Entertainment News UK
Ramsay rolled up to the Starbuck’s to have some fun on his road trip.

The Starbucks worker then appears to clock onto the fact he is being wound up and begins laughing while refusing to answer. 

Ramsay ends his wind-up stunt by saying: “I’ll stick to the hickory ham and cheese toastie please. 

“Extra cheese in that hickory ham. 

“Premade? Umm I’ll just take the normal hickory ham and cheese toastie please.”

Ramsay posted the prank onto his TikTok account last night, writing: “When I’m driving all day….I need to have some fun. 

“PART 1.”

Gordon Ramsay TikTok prank | Entertainment News UK
Ramsay posted the Starbucks prank to TikTok last night.

The video has now collected over 2.4million views and more than 450,000 likes by Ramsay fans.

Almost 4,000 followers have commented on the clip saying how terrified they would be if the hot-headed chef pulled up to somewhere they worked.

@officialdabidentiktok replied: “The anxiety having to serve chef Ramsay.”

@libertyjonesxx wrote: “Imagine serving Gordon Ramsay, I would be so scared.”

@slt.95 said: “That cashier was absolutely done and was 100% thinking how he doesn’t get paid enough for what he was going through.”

And @socal_masker commented: “Imagine talking to Gordon Ramsay in a drive thru without even knowing.”

The clip was believed to be filmed somewhere near to one of Ramsay’s UK homes.

The star and his family own a house in Wandsworth, south west London but have been spending a lot of their time together at their second home in Cornwall.

This isn’t the first time the Ramsay’s have made the news with their creative pranks. 

Just three weeks ago Gordon’s daughter, Tilly, made the papers after she recorded another hilarious TikTok prank where she lathered an egg over her unexpecting father’s head.

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