Waitress goes viral after teacher leaves savage note in yearbook


WAITRESS goes viral after sharing a hilariously savage yearbook message from her old school teacher.

Ashleigh Nixon, from Leicester in Leicestershire, found the hilarious message left by her former English teacher while looking through her old school stuff.

24-year-old Ashleigh discovered her leavers book which is supposed to include well wishes from teachers, however her former teacher Mr Seedat had other ideas.

The English teacher, who worked at Beaumont Leys in Leicester wrote: “Ashleigh, sometimes I go home and can’t sleep because your annoying voice that just doesn’t stop keeps ringing in my ears.

Waitress goes viral after revealing old teachers message in yearbook - Viral News
The note says that her annoying voice keeps him awake at night.

“Like the worst torture known to man, that is all.

“Good luck, Mr Seedat.”

According to Ashleigh, the note was actually sarcasm on the teacher’s behalf as she “barely even spoke” in his classroom.

Ashleigh posted an image of the hilarious note onto Twitter on Tuesday, saying: “Still can’t believe this is what my English teacher wrote in my book when I left school.”

Since sharing, her image of the note went viral and has since raked in over 61,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Twitter users did not believe a teacher would actually leave a note like that however and called her out for it.

Waitress goes viral after revealing old teachers message in yearbook - Viral News
Mr Seedat confirmed the message was real.

Ashleigh then decided to track down Mr Seedat to prove her point, messaging her former teacher on Twitter.

She said: “Mr Seedat, please prove you wrote this to me.”

The teacher quickly replied: “Oh my god, it was indeed!”

Speaking today, Ashleigh said: “Well I was looking through my old school stuff and found my leavers book

“I was like omg this is so funny I have to post this, then I woke up next day to people saying I was making it up.

“So I was like nah I am getting proof.

Waitress goes viral after revealing old teachers message in yearbook - Viral News
Social media users found the message hilarious.

“I completely forgot I’d followed him before so when I put his name in it came up straight away.

“He was not serious, he was being sarcastic because I was the quietest one in the class.”

Since proving that he did indeed write the message, social media users have found the message hilarious.

@minaret13 posted: “Very funny!” One of my reports for Physics said “she has not understood any of this subject” I didn’t become a scientist!”

@pomishere said: “Male english teachers just say whatever the hell they want.”

@EmilySy58648291 commented: “My spanish teacher once told my Mum at parents evening that she should keep having children till she got a nice one.”