Demi Lovato fans target Lewis Capaldi for supporting The Snuts


DIE-HARD Demi Lovato fans have “cancelled” Scots singer Lewis Capaldi after the star supports his friends for the number one spot.

Demi’s fans, dubbed Lovatics, have scorned the Someone You Loved singer and told him to be prepared for backlash after supporting Whitburn based band The Snuts.

The Snuts are currently battling it out with the 28-year-old American pop singer for the number one album in the UK charts.

Last week the Scots band released their debut W.L which is currently contesting Demi’s new album Dancing with the Devil…The Art of Starting Over.

Yesterday Lewis, who is a friend of the Scots band, urged his fans to go out and support The Snuts by buying their debut album.

In a video shared onto The Snuts social media accounts, Lewis said: “It’s Lewis Capaldi here, this is my dog Frank and I’m just off to pick up a little bit of s*** that he’s done.

“He’s laid quite the log in my kitchen while I was doing that.

“I thought I would ask all of you out there to please make sure you go and buy, download and stream The Snuts brand new album W.L. which came out last Friday.

Lewis Capaldi slammed for supporting The Snuts by Demi Lovato fans - Scottish News
Pictured: Lewis Capaldi from Instagram

“It’s so close to number one and it’s the boys against Demi Lovato.

“Listen, we all love Demi Lovato but sometimes we have to make sacrifices. So go out there and get the record.”

Die-hard Lovato fans have been left fuming by Capaldi’s message and targeted the Scots singer for simply supporting his friends.

@Ohsnapitsmej tweeted: “He’s cancelled, and I stan him. I’m unmasking all his songs on Spotify.”

@datinglovato posted: “He deserves to be bullied for this the f***.”

Lewis Capaldi slammed for supporting The Snuts by Demi Lovato fans - Scottish News
Pictured: Demi Lovato from Instagram

@jhaybren also posted: “Literally everything about him is scary. I wouldn’t have the patience to decipher what he’s saying with that ugly lil accent.”

@mrbillylovato commented: “I smell sexism…let me delete all your music from Spotify.”

@demetriaaalove said: “Lewis Capaldi, we do not approve this message. We will be buying Demi Lovato’s album instead.”

And @Sammyspotreal said: “Just because you have one hit album, that gave you the gut to reference Demi Lovato while defending your Snuts band.

Lewis Capaldi slammed for supporting The Snuts by Demi Lovato fans - Scottish News
Lovato fans slammed the Scottish singer.

“You started a war bro, be ready for backlash.”

Fans of the Scottish singer could not believe the backlash towards Capaldi who is known to many as one of Scotland’s national treasures.

@kieran_mcgarry1 posted: “C**** have honestly lost it man.”

@afroblair said: “I’m neither here nor there on The Snuts but heavily tempted to buy a dozen copies of their album as massive GIRUY to these f****** weirdos rallying behind…Demi Lovato.”

And @andrsn_xo commented: “Demi Lovato fans are a weird breed like.”