Aldi brands Scots café “genius” after naming shop “Bacchialdi’s” due to location


ALDI has branded a Scots café “genius” after they named their shop “Bacchialdi’s” due to their establishment being located right behind one of their stores.

Bacchialdi’s café in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire is situated just around the back of Manse Place Aldi store and overlooks the store’s car park.

The clever name choice has been dubbed “magnificent” by Aldi fans for the use of play on words which sounds like the “back of Aldi’s”. 

Bacchialdi's Cafe and Takeaway | Scottish News
Bacchialdi’s café and takeaway.                                                                                                  (C) Bacchialdi’s Facebook

Images of the café were posted onto Twitter on Friday by passerby Becky Brynolf.

She wrote: “I want you all to know that round the back of an Aldi in Airdrie there is an Italian café called Bacchialdi’s.”

Becky’s tweet has gained over 24,000 likes and more than 3,000 re-tweets from humoured followers.

Aldi even commented on the post and gave the name choice their approval on Saturday, writing: “Not even mad.


Bacchialdi’s re-shared the tweet on their Facebook page yesterday, adding: “We did have to promise never to make a caterpillar cake though.”

Bacchialdi's behind ALDI | Scottish News
Bacchialdi’s can be seen from ALDI’s car park.                                                                                       (C) Google Maps

Hundreds of Twitter users have also left comments on the post to show their appreciation.

@smokey700 wrote: “This is getting visited soon. 

“I’m literally seven mins from the Aldi and never noticed that before.”

@dingaling68 replied “Took me a little while…”

@jb4cfm said: “That is wonderful.”

@10z2bCynical commented: “Is being Australian an excuse for reading that three times before it clicked?”

Bacchialdi's Cafe and Takeaway Satellite | Scottish News
From an aerial view, Bacchialdi’s café can be seen right behind the ALDI store.                                         (C) Google Maps

@katbrown wrote: “That is magnificent.”

The small business, located on Loudon Street, is a far cry from the Aldi supermarket across the street.

The café named their business Bacchialdi’s last year and serves up coffees, rolls, baguettes, paninis and cakes.

Speaking today Jamie Stevenson, who owns Bacchialdi’s, said: “As soon I saw the location it came to me. 

“We nearly called it the wee cafe down the lane. 

“The guy from Catering world in Glasgow had the casting vote.

“We have built up a very loyal clientele for the very short time we have been allowed to open. 

“Mostly everyone that comes in comes back. 

“I dare say some have come to see the name and get a selfie. 

“This is the second time it’s been all over the Internet. Last August People were coming from all over to see if we were real.”