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Plumber hospitalised after swallowing drill bit during routine visit to dentist – and still charged for filling

A BUNGLING dentist allegedly left a man hospitalised after a drill bit fell off and went down his throat.
Connor McLaughlin was visiting Park House Dental Practice in Accrington, Lancashire for a routine filling this week when it took a disastrous turn.

Connor claims his dentist was giving him a filling at the time when part of the electric drill fell down the back of his throat.

Connor McLaughlin tweet - Health News UK
Connor took to twitter to tell his horror story

The plumber said he believes the dentist had not put the attachment on properly – resulting in panic in the dentist room.

Connor was apparently quickly referred to hospital for chest and abdomen x-rays for medics to the loose piece of metal.

Hospital staff were unable to find the loose drill bit inside his body but Connor said it will now have to “come out when I have a s***.” 

Surprisingly, Connor said he was still charged for the dentist appointment.

Connor McLaughlin x-ray form - Health News UK
Park House Dental sent Connor for chest and abdomen x-rays

Connor posted about the incident on Twitter yesterday, writing: “Only I could go to the dentist for a filling and get admitted to hospital because the dentist drill bit has fallen off and gone down my throat.

“I’m alive, yes it’s 100% a true story and no they can’t find it, so it’s probs going to come out when I have a shit. Here’s the radiology form my dentist gave me for the hospital and I still got charged for my treatment.”
“Giving me a filling and he mustn’t of put it on correctly hahaha man was having a panic attack.” 

Connor McLaughlin- Health News UK
Connor was still charged for his filling

McLaughlin posted an image of the radiology request form given to him by the dentist. 
It states he requires both chest and abdomen x-rays, and requests that he take the form to either Royal Blackburn Hospital or Burnley General Hospital. 

Connor’s post now has over 16,000 likes and hundreds of comments from shocked readers – many who were already anxious about dentist visits.
@SamBotterill93 said: “The dentist obviously has less wisdom than your teeth.”
@Clariscia commented: “Oh Jesus wept, that’s cracked me right up! I hope it comes out as easily as it went in.”
Others were feeling the fear as the story caused dental fears to rocket. 
@hanachilcott replied: “Ffs got the dentist tomorrow my anxiety is gonna be through the roof.” 
@rebeccamrtwyman added: “I definitely have a diary clash on dental appointment.”

Park House Dental Practice today declined to comment.

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