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“Hero didn’t stand a chance” Two- year-old dog put to sleep after brutal attack from out of control mastiffs

A TWO-YEAR-OLD dog called Hero had to be put to sleep after being brutally mauled by two out-of-control mastiffs whilst out on a walk.

Marie Jones was horrified when her chorkie – a chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier cross – was brutally attacked in Halifax, West Yorkshire on Monday.

The 36-year-old was on a run when the little dog when approached and attacked by two large cane corso mastiffs that were not on leads. 

Hero the Chorkie outisde of the vets following his attack - Animal News UK
Hero being held outside of the vet’s office after his attack, he was left with a shattered spine and a broken jaw

Marie frantically tried to grab her beloved pooch away from the situations and was left with scratches and cuts up her arms.

Marie finally managed to grab hold of Hero but only after he was left with a shattered spine and broken jaw – resulting in the pooch being put to sleep.

The owners of the mastiff dogs were hiding around the corner during the entire attack which left Hero completely covered in blood.

Marie ended up having to pay an eyewatering vet bill costing £1,080.

Mastiffs are not currently on the dangerous dog list in the UK but a petition is being shared to make dog on dog attacks a criminal offence. 

Speaking today, Marie said: “We were out running as it was a lovely evening.

“Hero was on his lead for the whole run because, whilst we were on tracks, we were in urban areas where I know a lot of people go walking.

“Two cane corso mastiffs came around the corner and off leads.

“It was seconds from them coming round the corner to them grabbing him.

“He hadn’t even yapped at them. He didn’t provoke them nor did I have a chance to react.

“The owner hid around the corner and left her dogs to it and instead it was two mid- teens that were screaming and shouting at the dogs to get off mine.

“They (the two dogs) dropped him slightly for a second and I was able to grab him and slowly move away.

The scratches Marie got from the Mastiff's while trying to save her dog - Animal News UK
The scratches Marie sustained from trying to save her Chorkie from the brutal mastiff’s

She added: “It transpires that the woman didn’t get involved as she had a third dog who was on a lead and she didn’t want it to get involved. 

“Why she didn’t get the teens to hold that dog and attempt to stop the attack I don’t know because they would have been more likely to listen to her as their master.

“I was absolutely terrified and they said I was terrified for the dog not just me and other than going to see the owner and advising that their dogs are on leads and preferably muzzled they couldn’t do anything else.” 

Marie posted about the incident on Facebook this week, urging people to sign a petition making dog on dog attacks a criminal offence. 

She said: “Hero didn’t stand a chance. I managed to get him away alive and to the vets covered in his blood (I haven’t been injured – it’s all Hero’s blood) but on Tuesday we received the devastating news that his pelvis had been severed from his spine and further down his spine was shattered and his jaw was broken. 

“We had no option other than to have him put to sleep as any reconstructive surgery couldn’t be guaranteed and he was very high risk for surgery anyway.

“The vets said that if he hadn’t been on his lead at the time of his attack they would have killed him there and then as the lead meant they could only move him so far.

“My assumption had always been that this would have been covered under the Dangerous Dog Act as they are dangerous and have irresponsible owners however this isn’t the case it is not illegal.

X-ray of Hero the Chorkie after his attack - Animal News UK
An X-ray of Hero’s skull after he was attacked by the Mastiff’s, he was put down due to his injuries

“The owners and dogs have walked away from the attack scot-free – not even a fine! And are free to do it again and yet our poor little boy died because of their actions.

“This has to change. We all know once they’ve done it once they’ll do it again and god forbid it happens to a child!

“Please can I ask you all to sign this petition and share it far and wide in the hope that it will be viewed in Parliament and my little Hero’s death hasn’t been totally in vain.”

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