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Amazing video shows pod of dolphins swimming alongside boat in crystal clear waves

A STUNNING video shows a pod of dolphins swimming alongside a boat in crystal clear waves in Scotland.

Murdo Maclean was on his way back to Stornoway after a fishing trip when he spotted the dolphins near Stornoway Harbour in the Isle of Lewis, on Saturday.

The 39-year-old, who works with Calmac, decided to slow down the boat to get up close to the pod.

The jaw dropping video shows several dolphins gliding through the beautifully clear turquoise sea water. 

The pod playfully swims in front of the boat, sometimes dipping underneath to resurface on another side. 

All the dolphins are constantly changing places and playing on the small waves that are coming off the speeding boat. 

The water is so clear that the intricate details on the dolphins skin are highlighted by the glistening white patterns of the sunlight reflecting through the water. 

Murdo posted the stunning video to Facebook on Sunday, writing: “Dolphins riding the bow waves outside Holm.”

The post has now collected over 300 likes, with dozens of comments and shares from users who loved the footage. 

Dolphin surfaces through crystal clear water | Scottish Wildlife News
The dolphins could be seen surfacing as the played alongside the boat.

David Campbell wrote: “Wonderful when those beautiful creatures do this.”

Rudi Wielfaert added: “If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing ever will!”

Patricia Van Houwaert said: “Absolutely amazing.”

Graziella Colacicco commented: “Amazing!”

Speaking today Murdo, from the Isle of Lewis, said: “I was out with my brother and his family for a fishing trip and on the way back to Stornoway we came across a small pod of dolphins just off Holm at the mouth of Stornoway Harbour. 

“So we slowed down and played with them for a while.

“I’ve seen them a few times, and I usually see minke whales around too.

“It was great to see them playing with the boat and nice for the kids to see them too.”

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