Bar worker sent texts from boss calling her “useless” and a “vacuous poser” after telling him she was leaving


A BAR worker has claimed she was sent text messages from her boss calling her “useless” and a “vacuous poser” after she told him she was leaving.

Kiara Clair was shocked when she received the brutal response from the assistant manager at King’s Ransom pub in Sale, Greater Manchester last week.

The 18-year-old sent a text thanking her boss for giving her a job but informed him that her trial shift elsewhere had gone well so she was handing in her notice.

Kiara Clair Kings Ransom Messages- UK News
Initial messages between Kiara and her boss were friendly.                                                                          (C) Kiara Clair

Kiara then received a savage response from the assistant manager, known only as John, stating that he didn’t “give a toss”.

The text then went on to give Kiara some “home truths” after claiming she disrespected him by messaging on his wedding day.

The full response read: “Kiara. My love. It’s my wedding day. 

“I don’t give a toss if you’re employed or not.

“And whilst we’re doing this, as you have had the level of disrespect to message me, with this meaningful nonsense. 


“I would like to give you some home truths. 

“You have no initiative.

“You are a vacuous poser.

John kings ransom sale message - UK News
The reply to Kiara saying she was leaving called her “useless”.                                                                 (C) Kiara Clair

“You are too focused on how you look and not what you do.

“You are a useless employee.

It continued: “You would rather text than do your job. You should be embarrassed about this.

“But hear my words. Because they will do you a favour.

“Nobody is interested in YOU. Your work ethics are the only thing that matter. Focus on the job and stop focusing on yourself.

“Beauty will fade. 

“Dumb b**** is forever.”

Kiara furious mum, Joanne Hart, posted screenshots of the messages on Sunday to call him out for his response.

She said: “So my Kiara Clair messaged her boss at the King’s Ransom in Sale.

“He knew she was going for another job, he was OK with it and I’m now sat with her breaking down with his reply. 

“You’re absolutely out of order John.”

The post now has over 1,300 likes and hundreds of people commenting in support of Kiara. 

Ria New said: “Wow I cannot believe someone would write that to a young girl in response to such a lovely message, what a horrible awful nasty person.” 

Ste McGhee said: “Somebody’s getting the sack in the morning.” 

Georgia Watson Hart said: “Sorry this happened to you Kiara, don’t listen to what he said though. This is vile and no human should be treated like this.” 

Simone Cheyne added: “Who sent that? A manager? The company wants to have words or dismiss him asap! No professionalism whatsoever.”

Kiara Clair - UK News
Kiara had simply thanked John for the job.                                                                                                 (C) Kiara Clair

A spokesperson for the King’s Ransom today said: “It has come to our attention that a highly hurtful and malicious message was sent to one of our team by another member of staff.

“Our general manager is aware of this and she is investigating this matter urgently.

“We expect all our teams to treat each other with courtesy and respect and we’re shocked and disappointed by the contents of the message that we have read.”

They added: “Since this incident began to gain traction on social media there have been multiple fake accounts set up that claim to be people who work at the pub, which are posting Facebook comments to antagonise this situation further.

“These accounts are in no way related to the pub and we have reported them to Facebook so they can be removed as soon as possible.”

Speaking today, Kiara said: “When John first sent the text initially I’d thought it was a joke, however after being asleep I’d woke up to reread the message.

“After reading the text again I could clearly see that John wasn’t joking and it instantly made me upset.

“I have been raised to never be nasty to anyone and to treat everyone equally.

“Receiving a horrible message like that for no reason whatsoever was what made it even more hurtful.

“I genuinely didn’t know it was his wedding day as I don’t involve personal life with work life.

“I’d always enjoyed being on shift with John as he always brought a friendly and funny aura to work.

“I have been ill the past few days with the stress I have received mentally from it all.”