Saturday, July 2, 2022
Newslifeboat was called to a yacht adrift which was causing a danger...

lifeboat was called to a yacht adrift which was causing a danger to shipping

A LIFEBOAT was tasked at 2.32 pm on July 12 after a local tour boat spotted the yacht adrift underneath the Skye bridge.

Kyle lifeboat ‘Spirit of Fred. Olsen’ was on the scene in under 2 minutes, where the crew found the vessel with what appeared to be an anchor in the water with a large amount of weed attached.

2 crew members were put on board to check the yacht was empty and try and recover the anchor line, but due to the weight of the line, chain, and seaweed they could not pull it in.

RNLI - Scottish News
Photo by RNLI. The crew attached a bouy to the end of the line and then tow the yacht to the nearest safe harbour in Kyleakin.

The lifeboat towed the yacht safely into Kyleakin harbour, before returning to the station at
3.45 pm.

Speaking of the incident, a Kyle spokesperson said “The yacht was adrift just outside
the Skye Bridge, and was causing a danger to shipping due to the narrow channel.

“Whilst we were towing the yacht in, a local fishfarm vessel was passing and recovered
the anchor line using one of their cranes.

“It appears that the chain had snapped, however, the yacht was safely recovered without any visible damage so it was a good outcome.”

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