Amazing footage shows merry Scots revellers singing along to Fleetwood Mac and Oasis after night out


AMAZING footage shows Scots revellers enjoying a singalong with a busker after a night out by belting out hits by Fleetwood Mac, Paolo Nutini and Oasis

Around 50 merry party-goers were filmed smiling away and belting out hits outside the Gallery of Modern Art on Queen Street in Glasgow on Saturday night.

Busker Dean Robinson can be seen happily playing for punters who had stopped in their tracks to join in after pubs closed for the 10:30pm curfew.


The raucous crowd are shown singing and dancing as Dean plays guitar and sings into a microphone clipped round his neck. 

Crowds stayed for over half an hour as the talented musician played popular tunes including Everywhere, The Gambler, Jenny Don’t Be Hasty and Wonderwall. 

A group of young women can be seen singing and dancing to Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere during the warm Glasgow night. 

At one point a loud male can be heard belting out The Gambler as the group of Scots came together to enjoy their night out.

And as soon as Oasis track Wonderwall played, the full crowd joined in to sing directly into the camera lens.

Dean Robinson - Scottish News
Dean stood outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.

Erica Wilson, who was in the crowd, today said: “It was amazing to be a part of it! 

“Everyone was so happy, just being out again is fantastic. 

“You could tell the whole crowd were in a great mood and just buzzing to be out in the warm weather.

“I’ve missed gigs so much so even just singing and dancing to a busker was really special. 

“Fair play to Dean, he was brilliant at getting the crowd going. 

Crowd singing into camera - Scottish News
The crowd danced gleefully and sang into the camera.

“He took requests and tried to play whatever anyone asked for, he was letting people sing into his mic, he did a great job.

“Hopefully as the Covid rules begin to relax we can see more nights like this!” 

The footage was filmed just days before Scotland entered Level 0 today, allowing pubs to stay open until midnight and larger groups to meet inside and outside. 

 Speaking today, Dean said: “I’ve never had a crowd like that one before.

“Sometimes I struggle to think of songs to play, but that night, everyone had a request.

“Even if I didn’t know the words to the covers I was doing, the crowd would carry it along.

“It was such a fun (and mildly stressful) few hours that I won’t forget quickly!”