“Snip, snip, hooray!” Mum-of-three throws hubby hilarious vasectomy party


A MOTHER-OF-THREE has thrown her husband a vasectomy party including hilariously labelled testicle themed nibbles.

Janine Ley, 39, was delighted to pull together the array of goodies for her husband, Kevyn, 42, as he prepared for his big operation on Friday. 

The couple decided it was time for steel worker Kevyn to get the “snip” after experiencing a difficult pregnancy and birth for their one-year-old daughter, Nellie. 

The Vasectomy care package | UK News
The care package included multiple goodies that Janine had covered with hilarious labels.                             (C) Janine Ley

Janine said after having three children together Kevyn agreed it was his turn to “take one for the team”.

As a send off, dental nurse Janine collected the array of goodies and labelled them with witty jokes to keep Kevyn’s spirits high on the day of his operation. 

The treats include a carton of orange juice labeled “100% juice no seeds”, a bag of “no more little swimmers” nappies and sperm decorated cup cakes.

Amongst the treats was also a small black sign with white lettering reading: “RIP Kevyn Ley’s nuts” and a large white sign reading: “snip, snip, hooray!” 

Kevyn Ley with his "RIP Nuts" sign | UK News
After having three children Janine said it was Kevyn’s turn to “take one for the team”.                                   (C) Janine Ley

Janine, from Newport, Wales, shared the images of the celebration on Facebook on Friday, writing: “Today’s the day.” 

The post has now collected over 1,200 likes with over 500 comments from Facebook users who loved the surprise. 

Brenna Alderton said: “This is awesome! Wish I had done something like this for my hubby!”

Amy Bellamy said: “I also have to add, this is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen. I honestly can’t pick which one made me laugh the most.”

Melissa Atkins said: “Relationship goals right there.”

And Kimberley Gregson added: “Snip, snip, hooray, I might have to do this.”

Sperm cupcakes | UK News
Janine even ordered some semen cupcakes to help lighten Kevyn’s day.                                                        (C) Janine Ley

Speaking today Janine said: “We have three children and let’s say we aren’t getting any younger. 

“I told Kev I thought it was finally his turn to take one for the team and he agreed. 

“We have a relationship full of banter and so I thought it would be funny to arrange a little care package for him for his special day. 

“It definitely helped lighten the mood the morning before the big operation.

“He stood there a little silent at first and then as he started reading the messages he got it.

She added: “He was laughing while reading them saying ,’Oh god! Only you!’ He actually showed the surgeon who was doing the procedure. 

“The surgeon and the nurses were all having a giggle, saying it was one of the best ones they had seen. 

“She asked for him to send the picture, as she wanted to show all her students!”