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Top StoriesTartan Army fan who cleared London streets rejects freebies for charity donation

Tartan Army fan who cleared London streets rejects freebies for charity donation

A TARTAN Army fan who was pictured cleaning up during Euro 2020 has rejected an offer of free clothes vouchers and instead asked for a donation to be given to charity. 

Tartan Army supporters went viral last month when they were snapped clearing littered London streets in the morning after Scotland’s nil-nil draw with England.

The images showed the fans filling plastic bags to the brim with cans, glass and plastic litter that had swamped the streets after fans stormed the streets the night before. 

Bee Inspired Clothing share the generous act on Twitter | Scottish News
The Tartan Army fan generously asked if his voucher could instead become a donation towards charity.

The supporters could be seen sporting Scotland shirts, flags and their kilts while wearing blue medical gloves to clear up the mess.

Bee Inspired Clothing managed to track down and contacted some of the lads to reward them with vouchers for their efforts.

But they were blown away when one of the selfless Scotland fans rejected the offer and asked for a donation to be made to the Macmillan Cancer Support instead.

Bee Inspired Clothing posted about the generous act on Twitter yesterday.

Sharing a snap of several Scots clearing up in London, they wrote: “Remember these guys in London at the Euros? 

“We all knew they were pretty sound guys with their actions collecting rubbish after the game, however we were blown away by one of their responses when we reached out to them.

“These guys are genuine good ones that the country should be proud of!” 

The team shared the message from the anonymised Scot, which read: “That’s brilliant but it feels so daft to be rewarded for just filling some plastic bags with rubbish. 

“I’m genuinely amazed at how much it blew up online. 

“I’m not sure if you’d be able to do this or not, but instead of giving me a voucher is it possible to get a donation to a charity event I’m doing next month? 

“I’m raising money for Macmillan Cancer by doing 72 holes of golf in one day.” 

Member of the Tartan Army turns down the freebie | Scottish News
Bee Inspired Clothing reached out to the fan to give him a voucher.                                  (C) Bee Inspired Clothing Twitter

The post has now collected over 2,000 likes with hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments from users who loved the gesture. 

@MediaWeasel said: “We’re very proud of our Scottish footie fans. They make friends across the world wherever they go, and they make Scotland proud.”

Pablo55toga said: “Absolutely class gesture by all concerned and a fantastic charity will benefit.”

@MarkMelloy said: “That’s just brilliant and I am so impressed by the supporters’ response to your offer and more importantly the continued effort by you to make something happen. 

“You went above and beyond! Top class generosity from you guys! You should be proud of yourselves.”

And @RichardFlorenc1 added: “Absolutely brilliant and these guys did deserve a reward as well! 

“Cleaned up without being asked.”

The Tartan Army member’s fundraiser is set to see him and three friends complete 72 holes of golf at St Michael’s Golf Course in Leuchars, Fife on Saturday.

The fundraiser has now raised over £1,200 with four members of the clothing brand, including directors Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb, planning to take part now too.

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