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Scots ultra runner smashes record breaking NC500 run in under six days

A SCOTS ultra marathon runner has completed the Fastest Known Time to run the North Coast 500 in under six days. 

Luke Ivory completed the incredible achievement in the early hours of this morning by finishing the 518 mile run in just five days, 23 hours and four minutes. 

The 38-year-old set out from Inverness Castle on his 38th birthday last Thursday and ran clockwise.

Luke Ivory embraces his new record | Scottish News
Luke beat the previous record by more than two days and finished in five days and 23 hours.                      (C) Luke Ivory

Luke, originally from Brora, Sutherland, smashed the previous record held by pensioner William Sichel by over two days. 

He took to Twitter this morning to reveal his achievement, writing: Smashed it! 518 miles/633km in 5 days 23 hrs 4 mins 17 seconds.”

Luke’s proud sister, Rhionna Mackay, also took to Facebook shortly after to share the news.

She wrote: “Five days, 23 hours, four minutes and 17 seconds.

“He’s completed it. The Fastest Known Time to run the North Coast 500. 518 miles.
“I’m speechless.” 

Rhionna’s post has now collected over 200 likes and comments from Facebook users who were gobsmacked by the achievement. 

Helen Smith Cairns said: “Absolutely amazing, incredible and an inspirational young man. Well done.”

Amy Withey said: “What an achievement! A massive well done Luke.”

John Dennett said: “Absolutely insane! Can’t get my head around how this is even possible! Well done Luke Ivory, blown away.”

And Rudresh Virupakshaiah added: “Wow superhuman. Luke has ‘run’ the entire NC500 in less than six days, just amazing with strong will what humans can achieve, many congratulations Luke.”


Luke Ivory next to his support sign | Scottish News
Luke gained lots of support as he passed through his home town of Brora.                                                   (C) Luke Ivory

Speaking today Rhionna said: “It felt surreal. I knew what he was doing but until he hit the east coast and I knew he was going to be coming through Brora it really hit home that he was going to smash the record. 


“All of his family were very emotional.

“Running a small part of the way through Brora gave me such a great feeling, seeing him run out of Brora and knowing he would hit Inverness before 4am, I just couldn’t believe it.

“I’m absolutely speechless and unbelievably proud.”

Luke’s achievement makes him the fastest person to run the North Coast 500 after beating former cancer patient William Sichel.

William, from Orkney, completed his record run around Scotland’s Route 66 in eight days, 19 hours, seven minutes and seven seconds after on April 22, 2019.

Last year Nick Lister, 37, from Lincoln, East Midlands, also completed the extensive run over two weeks to raise money for a selection of charities. 

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