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Shocking video shows driver attempting to run over man allegedly wielding a machete

SHOCKING video footage has emerged showing a dangerous driver appearing to attempt to run over a man allegedly wielding a “knife and a machete” after an altercation.

A local resident captured the footage in Ford Lane, Merseyside on Friday which shows a van driver ramming into parked cars as he appears to attempt to hit the other man. 

Police are now appealing for anyone with information to come forward and have reported no injuries were sustained at the incident.

The video shows a man who can be seen attempting to hide behind a parked car for safety. 

When the van stops for a brief moment to change gears, the yob on foot seizes the opportunity to lash the vehicle with what one resident believed to be a machete. 

Another video clip shows the van getting held up in the street by what appears to be a white Prius. 

As the Prius proceeds to drive away the van is met bonnet to bonnet by a large police van. 

The pair of drivers have a brief standoff as the dangerous driver begins to realise the trouble he has found himself in. 

As one police officer attempts to exit the vehicle, the red van man then quickly reverses back down the street.

The driver executes an agile three point turn to escape the fast approaching police van which comes hurtling down the road after him. 

The dangerous driver meets the police head on | Police News UK
The driver shared a moment where he was bonnet to bonnet with the pursuing police van.

One resident, who wished to remain unnamed, shared the shocking videos to Facebook the next morning writing: “Last night on Ford Lane! Watch the videos!” 
The post has now collected over 900 shares with hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from Facebook users who were left shocked by the footage.

Margi Louise wrote: “Oh my f****** god! Been playing too much Grand Theft Auto, absolute p****!

“Did they manage to catch him? Hope there isn’t too much damage to the cars he hit.”

Terri Louise said: “That’s a proper arlarse. The little rat. Poor woman’s car.”

Laura Holt commented: “Oh my god, never seen anything like it.”

Blaine Mason replied: “That’s awful. Don’t miss Liverpool at all.”

Speaking today one resident who watched the incident unfold but wished not to be named said: “There was arguing between two men in the flats and one was the red van man.

“The next minute some other lad walked down and started arguing with the man in the van and he had a weapon in his hand.

“One man ended up getting into the van and tried to run the lad over with the weapon.

“He started crashing into cars and the police got called. They ended up coming and the man reversed and they had a chase.

“But the police didn’t do anything, they just sat there and watched him go.”

The police pursue the van | Police News UK
the police soon chased the van down the street but couldn’t capture the culprit.

Another resident who also did not wish to be named said: “Outside ours there were two fellas arguing, one was off his cake in a red van.

“He smashed my cars up, one’s a right off.

“The other man had a knife and a machete.”

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said today: “We are appealing for information following an incident of criminal damage in Litherland on Friday night, 9 July.

“At around 11.30pm, reports came in of criminal damage being caused to vehicles in the Ford Lane area and a verbal argument.

“It is believed that a van rammed into two other stationary vehicles, a Nissan and a Ford, causing damage. 

“A further report suggested that the van was then subject of damage from a man in possession of an unknown weapon, before it was driven off.

“Witness, CCTV and vehicle are ongoing. Nobody was reported as having been injured. 

“If you witnessed this incident or have any CCTV, dashcam or other images, please contact us via @MerPolCC, 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with reference 21000479895.”

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