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Shopper finds used single bus seat, complete with seat belt, for sale in charity shop

CHARITY shoppers have been left baffled after a customer found a single bus seat, including its seat belt, on sale for just £5. 

Rea Howell, 37, came across the bizarre sale at the Age UK charity shop in Settle, North Yorkshire, on Saturday.

Personal assistant Rea claims that two out of five used bus seats have already been bought.

The single bus seat for sale | Consumer News UK
The blue and yellow bus seat could be bought complete with a seat belt.                                                     (C) Rea Howell

Images show the blue and yellow bus seat perched on the grey pavement next to furniture outside the charity shop. 

The seat has what appears to be a plastic yellow head rest and even includes a blue seat belt and black buckle for safety. 

At the bottom of the chair there are grey metal plates which seem to have once been connected to the main body of the bus. 

Rea, from Kendal, Cumbria, shared an image of her bizarre find to Facebook yesterday, writing: “Tired of not having a seat on the bus? Buy and bring your own! 

The post has now collected over 3,200 likes with over 300 comments from users who joked in their responses.

Sophie Kilgannon said: “That is shockingly clean for a bus seat.”

Mike Bee said: “Discomfort for your very own living room.”

Bo Boddy added: “I’d plonk it down next to the driver and give him directions.”

Other crafty members of the group thought they could find the seat useful. 

Lindsay Lever said: “Styled correctly this would be unbelievably cool. I’d have to fumigate it though.”

Christopher Maggs said: “Would be a cool addition to a quirky DIY campervan conversion. I like it.”

And Leon Daniels added: “Very handy for someone converting a van into a camper that needs the extra seating with a seat belt.” 

Speaking today Rea said: “We saw the seat outside Second Time Around in Ingleton when completing the Flower Pot Trail with my partner and two children. 

“The sign on the seat said there were five seats available and only three left now so somebody is buying them.

The Age UK charity shop in Settle | Consumer News UK
The shop has now sold nine of the bizarre seats to keen customers.                                                          (C) Google Maps

“We laughed and thought it was bizarre to find in a charity shop.

“Who has donated them and also who is buying them? 

“We realise they are quite good for people renovating vans for camping etc and lots of people have said how cool it would be to own.

“We have no need for one so we left them for someone else.”

Speaking today, Kevin McNeice, deputy manager of Age UK Settle, revealed that the store had managed to sell nine out of a total of 12 seats.

The 55-year-old said: “The Age UK in Settle used to have its own minibus for trips out.

“Once the minibus was too old we converted it into a van and stripped out all the old seats and that’s where they came from. 

“People have been buying them for all sorts of reasons. 

“Somebody bought one as a gaming chair. Why? I don’t know. 

“Some people bought some for an allotment because they might last longer outdoors. 

“Bizarre is what we deal with here. You wouldn’t believe everything that comes through the door.” 

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