Wednesday, June 29, 2022
NewsHealthDepop seller creates bizarre ashtrays made with used positive lateral flow tests

Depop seller creates bizarre ashtrays made with used positive lateral flow tests

A DEPOP seller has created bizarre “limited edition” gold leaf glitter ashtrays – made with positive Covid-19 lateral flow tests.

The peculiar ashtray was listed by Depop seller @10cheneyb yesterday for just £13 – who has apparently already sold 20.

The seller has created the bizarre smoking accessory using a clear dish which has been decorated with gold leaf glitter and features a lateral flow test molded into the base.

Lateral flow test ashtray | Coronavirus News UK
The ashtrays could be seen advertised on Depop for just £13.                                                      (C) @10cheneyb Depop

The test has a QR code on the front as well as two lines which signal that the person who carried it out was positive for Covid-19.

Around the rim of the tray there are small indents where smokers can rest their cigarettes. 

As seen on the ashtrays advertisement on Depop, 20 punters have already snagged themselves the “limited edition” item.

The seller has also offered customers a deal of two ashtrays for £20 if buyers have had both doses of the Covid vaccine. 

The advertisement reads: “Decided to make a few more of these silly ashtrays.

“This does not mean the pandemic is a joke.

“However these are a must for your mantelpiece.

“They are Limited edition as we probably won’t test positive for much longer.

Covid test ashtray advertised on Depop | Coronavirus News UK
The ashtray includes a positive lateral flow Coronavirus test embedded in the bottom.

“Two for £20 if you’ve had both doses of the vaccine.” 

The bizarre product has now been shared on social media and has gained more than 5,000 likes, 300 retweets with dozens of comments from baffled Twitter users. 

@Leftyherts said: “Us humans never surprise me. This could be the one percent’s next statement piece to impress their fellow super rich mates.”

@declankenny94 said: “The good news is we’ve found a cure to Covid, the bad news is there will be no more positive lateral flow test ashtrays. 

“Working on some exciting new products we can’t wait to share with you guys.”

@shivvy888 said: “Live, Laugh, Lateral.”

And @Laurentea5 added: “You okay hun? You have hardly used your lateral flow ashtray.”

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