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Scot left in stitches after parents send video of family pooch “living the dream” in bike trailer

A SCOT has been left in stitches after being sent a video of his family pooch “living the dream” on holiday by being chauffeured around in a trailer.

Scott Davenport was sent the hilarious footage by his parents Scott, 50, and Marie, 45, as they enjoyed an outing in Millport, North Ayrshire last Thursday. 

The family, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, used to tow Scott, 22, in a bike trailer to Millport but now he is grown up, Amber the cockapoo has taken his place. 

The heartwarming video shows two-year-old Amber poking her head out of a small bike trailer while her owner Scott pulls her along.

The ecstatic pooch can be seen with her two front paws up on the edge of the netted cart, enjoying the beautiful weather.

At one point her tongue starts hanging out while she looks around at the scenery.

Marie can be seen peddling behind as the wind blows through Amber’s fur.

Son Scott posted the video onto Twitter last Thursday, writing: “Why have my mum and dad taken the dog on a day out to Millport?” 

The post has now collected over 1,400 likes with dozens of retweets and comments from users who loved the video. 

Amber the cockapoo in her bike trailer | Scottish Animal News
Amber the cockapoo loved being a part of the outing.                                                                         (C) Scott Davenport 

@Mcghee9 said: “They’re all loving life.”

@Eliznic wrote: “Love this, the dog is living it’s best life.”

And @xanoifx commented: “The dream.”

“Fully expected the dog to wave.”

Speaking today Scott Jr. said: “They went to Millport for the day, they used to take me and my sister when we were younger and we’d sit in a big trailer behind the bike.

“Now they’ve brought the dog this time as we are older.

“He sent it into the family group chat, I just laughed and sent it to my mates.

“She was loving it, they’re always out doing something.”

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