Hilarious video shows Scots pooch refusing to share his chicken nuggets


A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots pooch refusing to share his chicken nuggets with his owner.

Ryan Hynes from Glasgow filmed himself having no luck when trying to get his hands on Leo’s McDonald’s meal two weeks ago.

The six-year-old Cavapoo was captured growling and barking every time Ryan tried to reach for the food.

In the short clip, the 25-year-old plumbing and heating engineer can be heard saying “Give me a chicken nugget” before being barked at and put in his place.

Leo is then shown hovering over the McDonald’s meal and barking every time Ryan attempts to get near his precious meal.

Ryan can be heard saying: “Give me a f*****g chicken nugget you b*****d” and again being shot down by Leo yelping.

At one point the pooch swipes at his owner when he attempts to grab the box containing 20 chicken nuggets.

Ryan and his pup - Scottish News
Ryan and his dog. (c) Ryan Hynes

Ryan finally gives up on his attempts and says: “Fine I don’t want one anymore” branding his pet a “loony”.

Ryan posted the clip on TikTok last month, writing: “I’m not allowed any of his chicken nuggets” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

The clip has been viewed more than 400,000 times and had over 37,000 likes. 

And thousands of viewers left comments on the post

Social media users were in stitches over the pooches performance. 

Keith Drummond said: “Does the dog not know it’s a share box?” 

Adam Statham said: “I am sorry, but I wouldn’t take that from a dog.” 

Jackie Martin said: “I would put him in time out.”

While Tia Jess said: “The accent makes it.” 

Speaking today (MON) Ryan said: “I put the video up of me trying to get a chicken nugget from Leo which he absolutely loves and the video just went crazy over night.

“He only has some chicken nuggets when we have a McDonald’s and he’s only like this with chicken nuggets.”