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Amazing video shows Scots kayaking in street after torrential downpour

AN AMAZING video shows children kayaking together in a Scots street after torrential downpour led to flash flooding. 

Kelly Notman filmed her two children Jardine, 14, and Max, 9, kayaking in their submerged home street in Hawick in the Scottish Borders yesterday. 

The clip captured the siblings’ bobbing around in their white kayaks as they floated around in the murky brown water.

The Scots are shown holding black paddles to push themselves back and forth across the submerged street. 

As seen from Kelly’s garden, there is a dip in the road which has caused all of the heavy rainfall to collect in one spot, creating the pool. 

Other adults and children from the street can also be seen laughing and playing in the water as the community makes the most of the extreme weather. 

Kelly shared the unique experience to her Facebook through a live stream yesterday, writing: “Only in Burnfoot.” 

Hundreds of viewers left comments after being impressed by the community’s creativity.

Levi Carr said: “I absolutely love this. I wish I was in Hawick when this was happening, I’d have been around for a shot.”

Megan Claire Donaldson said: “Get all the kids round, £1 a go.”

Jardine and Max kayaking in the flooding | Scottish Weather News
Jardine and Max were quick to get their kayaks out on the open water.

Michelle Rabbitt said: “That’s brilliant.”

Rebecca Doherty said: “That’s hilarious. It’s great seeing them all having fun in the rain and making the best of the weather.”

And Leighann Rowley added: “That’s the meaning of ‘when life gives you lemons’.”

Speaking today Kelly said: “The rain came on heavy and within a few minutes the drains backed up and flooded the street we live on.

“All the kids were out playing on the street loving it and my two boys got their kayaks out to have a shot, as you can see they had great fun.

“The boys are always doing funny crazy stuff so it didn’t surprise me in the slightest.

“Lots of splashing and lots of laughing was great to see.”

She added: “The kids have had such a rubbish time with lockdown and it was good to see them making the best of a bad situation. 

“The rain came on so quickly and the drains couldn’t cope so the street flooded pretty fast. The kids were out playing in it and just enjoying getting wet.

“There was lots of splashing and giggling from all the children on the street.”

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