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Top StoriesStunning footage shows dolphins leaping out of water near coastal Scottish town

Stunning footage shows dolphins leaping out of water near coastal Scottish town

AN AMAZING video shows dolphins leaping out of the water near a coastal Scottish town. 
Brian McQueen captured the stunning video when he was fishing off the coast of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire on Saturday morning.
The jaw dropping footage shows Brian filming the dolphins from the side of his boat as they follow the pod through the water.

Several dolphins can be seen leaping out of the dark grey water and splashing as they re-enter the water.

One dolphin can be seen swimming alongside the boat and glides in and out of the water as the rest of the pod jumps high above the water in the background.
There are at least six dolphins who all take turns splashing in-and-out of the choppy water, showing off as Brian films.
Brian posted the video to Facebook on Saturday writing: “Dolphins going nuts at Stonehaven this morning.

Dolphin leaping out of water near Stonehaven - Scottish News
The dolphins leapt high out of the water.                                                                                              (C) Brian McQueen

“Best ever.” 
The post has now collected over 40,000 views and hundreds of comments from users who were impressed by the footage.
Alison McElhinney said: “Thanks for sharing these amazing creatures!” 
Alexander Simpson wrote: “Brilliant so relaxing.”
Sandra Dolling commented: “Amazing I could watch this all day.”
Marek Gorski added: “Absolutely amazing!”

Dolphin sticking head out of water Stonehaven - Scottish News
The pod of dolphins stuck together and swam along the Aberdeenshire coast.                                          (C) Brian McQueen

Speaking today Brian said: “They came up alongside the boat and started coming to the surface in groups of four.

“Then one dominant dolphin started jumping very high out of the water. 
“It was very impressive. 
“We often see them whilst out on my boat away fishing.

“Sometimes we have been surrounded by them.
“You feel so privileged to be able to see them in their own environment and to share some of their space and time. 

“I tend to get carried away a little bit when I see them.”

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