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NewsHilarious clip shows teens waiting for road traffic lights to change before...

Hilarious clip shows teens waiting for road traffic lights to change before continuing their walk

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment three friends were spotted waiting for temporary road traffic lights to turn green – while walking along the pavement. 

A bemused motorist captured the footage of the trio patiently waiting for the lights to change in Shirebrook, Derbyshire two weeks ago.

The bizarre clip shows three young men, who appear to be in their late teens, standing on the pavement next to a road which has road works on it. 

The lads are lined up shoulder to shoulder to the left of a temporary traffic light which is holding a line of cars at a stand still to their right. 

The boys can be seen waiting patiently as they eagerly await their cue to proceed from the lights. 

As soon as the lights switch to amber the lads snap into action and continue on their way.

Motorist Scott Maxwell shared the video to Facebook later that day, writing: “Lads whoever you are, this turned my day from s**t to the best drive home ever.”

The three lads waiting on the red light | Traffic News UK
The trio could be seen resuming their walk as the lights changed to amber and green.

The post has now collected over 788,000 views with more than 6,200 likes and 2,000 comments from users who found the video hilarious. 

Nuala McGurgan McKenna said: “Fair play lads, good craic.”

Danner Deamer wrote: “That was done on purpose, they are just funny guys. Genius.”

Zo C Pereira commented: “Laughing my a** off. I laughed way too hard than I should have at this.”

Bec Bazeley replied: “Safety first.”

And Christine Hodge added: “No amber gambler’s here lol. I love this, it made my day.” 

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