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EntertainmentSainsbury's store sign shocker - Scots share viral social media post

Sainsbury’s store sign shocker – Scots share viral social media post

SAINSBURY’S have been criticised online after a new sign was installed at one of their stores – with a comma instead of an apostrophe in their name.

The local store sign in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, was believed to be recently replaced, with the new sign reading “Sainsburys, local” instead of “Sainsbury’s local.” 

Making the blunder even more embarrassing, the sign seen above the other outside wall of the store has the correct grammar, leaving no excuses for the tragic mistake.

The Sainsbury's store in Bruntsfield - Scottish News
The sign was spotted by an eagle eyed shopper.                                                                                 Credit: Kate Bradley

It wasn’t long before people started to notice the error, with one person taking to social media to revel in the grocer’s misfortune.

@JordanOgg shared images of the fault to Twitter yesterday, writing: “The Sainsbury’s near me has a new sign and look where they’ve put the bloody apostrophe.”

The tweet has now collected over 1,800 likes with hundreds of retweets and dozens of comments from users who were left in stitches by the blunder.

The viral tweet that alerted people to the mistake - Scottish News
The sign had been replaced earlier in the week.                                                                         Credit: Jordan Ogg/Twitter

@KrisWhoTweets remarked: “When Cristopher Walken is in charge of putting up the new sign.”

@DaveWCreative said: “You had one job.”

@JohnRobson87 was less than impressed, remarking: “Edinburgh #UNESCO City of Literature.”

@HeatherJCla just stated: “Oops!”

@WHS_Carpet added: “An apostrophe catastrophe.”

@Philipsallan replied: “It’s the difference between knowing your sh** and knowing you’re sh**.”

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