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Homeowner creates music video dedicated to 600-day-old sinkhole that was to be fixed in two days

A FED UP homeowner has created a hilarious music video dedicated to a huge sinkhole outside her house that hasn’t been fixed for over 600 days.

Ally Burrows claims that Cheshire East Council told her that the giant sinkhole outside her home would be fixed two days after it appeared in February 2020.

But, more than 600 days later, the large hole in the road on Hobson Road in Macclesfield, Cheshire still hasn’t been fixed.


The music teacher has documented the moment the hole first appeared and was the size of a pothole.

But after leaving unfixed for over 19 months, the hole has now expanded to a sinkhole which Ally says could fit “several bodies and maybe a Fiat 500 if the rats moved out”.

Ally has now created a music video with the help of local musician Luke Stevenson dedicated to the saga after being unable to access her driveway.

The music video details every event in the sinkhole’s existence including when the area was originally taped-off to a tomato plant growing inside it.

It also shows council workers visiting the site on day 600 to pull out weeds at the end of September this year.

The sinkhole in its early stages - barely bigger than a pothole.
The sinkhole was barely bigger than a pothole in its early stages.                                                               (C) Ally Burrows

Luke is filmed performing in front of the hole in various scenarios – including a one year celebration to the sinkhole’s existence.

Ally posted the video onto YouTube on Monday where it has already attracted over 3,500 views.

Viewers were shocked by how long Ally and other residents on the street have had to endure the sinkhole and metal fencing outside their homes.

One user said: “Ally, so sorry that you have to put up with this for so long.”

Another wrote: “Absolutely mad it’s still not been sorted.

“I couldn’t believe the size of the pit the last time I walked down that way, and that was a year ago at least.”

A third joked: “Draw a c**k around it. This has worked in the past.”

The sinkhole 18 months on, abandoned with barriers and fences surrounding it.
The sinkhole is now huge – cordoned off and playing host to rats and tomato plants.                                   (C) Ally Burrows

The whole ordeal comes after another sinkhole appeared in the adjoining Ryle Street in 2018.

This sinkhole ran under a property resulting in a lengthy legal process where an elderly couple were allegedly removed from their home and put in temporary accommodation.

The house ended up being demolished so excavation work could take place.

As the council and United Utilities argued over the repairs to this sinkhole, the second sinkhole appeared in Hobson Street. 

The council had drafted up “Plan A” in November 2020 to deal with the sinkhole outside Ally’s home but decided it was too expensive and a “Plan B” was drawn up.

Subsequently almost a year later, “Plan B” was found to be even more expensive and now the options of “Plan C” or reverting to “Plan A” are now being considered.

Ally has complained to the council multiple times – to which she has allegedly been told that “the matter is resolved and the case closed.”

Musician Luke Stevenson hosts a mock 1st birthday party for the sinkhole
Luke and the residents of the street held a mock 1st birthday party for the sinkhole.                                   (C) Ally Burrows

Speaking today, Ally said: “The whole thing is just ridiculous. To take almost two years to fix it is absurd. We’ve been told that the repair process is complicated but that it remains the council’s “top priority”.

“We keep being told that they’re looking into it, but there’s been no workmen here in a year, aside from two who arrived on day 600 just to clear some weeds from the kerb.

“There are now rats living in the hole and a tomato plant is now growing. There’s a gas and electrical main running through the hole as well.

“The gas pipe however is being held up with three scaffolding planks and some tape, whilst there’s an exposed electrical cable also in there – not to mention the exposed sewage at the bottom.

“Eventually, the rats are going to chew through those cables and that wood.”

Speaking about the decision to create a music video about the pothole, Ally added: “I was very bored and had a lot of free time over lockdown.

“I was frustrated because I was considering selling my house but no-one would even look at it because of the sinkhole right outside my door.

“So, I decided to compose this song. I thought up the lyrics and the content and Luke already had the tune in mind.

“I roped in some of my crazy friends from my local amateur dramatics group who were willing to shoot the video.

“We’ve finally got the finished product out and I’m so grateful to everyone – especially Luke. I can’t believe he was so willing to help me with this.

“Hopefully this will finally bring some attention to this whole ordeal, because something needs to be done, urgently.”

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