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Amazing images show otter family feasting on octopus

AMAZING images show a group of otters feasting on a helpless octopus on a Scots island.

Dave Smethurst captured the stunning images on the Isle of Mull this week.

One picture shows the family of three devouring the small white octopus on the shores of the Scottish island.

The otters eat their octopus
The otters are eating their seafood catch.                                                                                     Credit: Dave Smethurst 

Two cubs are on either side of their mother and are simultaneously nibbling on the tentacles of the octopus.

Ensuring the family doesn’t lose their incredible catch, the mother has the head of the octopus grasped between her jaws, letting her offspring gnaw at the slippery creature.

Another image shows one of the otters retrieving their eight legged meal from the salty Scottish waters.

The otter’s head is only just popping up through the dark water and is carrying the octopus in its mouth.

The mother otter returns with her catch
The mother otter returns with the catch.                                                                                       Credit: Dave Smethurst

The octopus with its almost pink tentacles can be seen above the water with incredible detail showing each sucker clearly.

The 56-year-old shared the striking images to Facebook on Tuesday, writing: “A few photos from the last few days, the beauty of the wildlife on Mull never ceases to amaze. 

“All the shots have been taken using a Canon 5D with the 300mm f2.8L and 1.4 teleconverter allowing a safe distance from the subject.” 

Social media users were quick to comment on the stunning images pictures.

One user said: “Your photos are fantastic, thanks for sharing them Dave.”

Another member commented: “Amazing photos. 

A third user stated: “Such fabulous images Dave, well done.”

A fourth member added: “Great photos.” 

Speaking today Dave, a member of Mull otter group who promote responsible access to wildlife, was elated to have captured the images. 

He said: “I’ve been coming to Mull for nineteen years. 

“One of the great appeals of coming to Mull is seeing the otters.

“When you see them in the water, you want to get well in front of them and get into cover. 

“It’s a unique privilege and very exciting but you keep a handle on that when taking the picture of the otters with an octopus in their mouth.

“It’s just sheer elation, really uncommon to capture an image of a mum and two cubs with their catch. 

“To see them all, I’ve never seen it in two decades. It was just simply a privilege. 

“Every time, it’s a privilege.” 

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