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Scots barber creates advert and claims customers say it’s better than John Lewis ad

A SCOTS barber has created an advert launching their festive Black Friday vouchers and claims customers have said it is better than the John Lewis Christmas ad. 

Sovereign Grooming, which has salons in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, released the video on social media yesterday ahead of today’s money saving shopping event.

The clip shows a man, played by Sean Cunningham, getting ready before remembering that vouchers are available at the barbers that day. 


He then rushes to the lift before realising his car is not working so he has to find an alternative means of transportation. 

Down on his luck, Sean fails to stop a bus and ends up detouring through a forest where he attempts to leap over a stream but ends up soaked after falling in.

While this happens, Sovereign Grooming is getting ready to close as a male barber sweeps the floor and turns off the lights.

A slowed down version of iconic Grease hit “You’re the one that I want” plays in the background.

Kyle, owner of Sovereign
Kyle who owns Sovereign says that customers loved the ad.                                                                    Credit: Kyle Ross

Both men then get to the door as the barber is closing up and Sean arrives.

Despite pleading through the glass, the barber simply taps his watch and explains they are closed telling the client to ‘go home’. 

Sean then goes through several stages of grief with tears in his eyes as he cannot believe he has missed his chance to get vouchers. 

He starts to walk away before receiving a tap on the shoulder from generous barbershop owner Kyle Ross who hands him vouchers and stops him from reaching for his wallet.

The two men embrace and the happy client heads home as Kyle turns to the camera and says: “He could have just bought it online’.”

Sovereign Grooming posted the video on their social pages yesterday (THURS) ahead of their vouchers going on sale today. 

Their post read: “Did we just make a better Christmas advert than John Lewis with a budget of £0.

“Huge shoutout to @Attic_87 for this and all his amazing work this year. And to @SeanC8928 for subjecting himself to this again.

“Our Black Friday vouchers go on sale tomorrow, with huge savings on gift vouchers.”

The clip has attracted over 1,200 views on Instagram and received dozens of comments from impressed viewers.

Erin Crawley said: “I think I just felt every single emotion ever there. You win Black Friday and Christmas.”

Maureen MacLean wrote: “Fantastic advert and that’s what I call a real hug.”

David Paterson commented: “Who needs an alien to make an advert out of this world!

“Great effort. Love the fact that if you turn up at the shop you get a free one, see you at closing time.”

Barry Clarkson added: “Hahaha love it.”

Speaking today, owner Kyle, 32, said : “The feedback and comments this year have been amazing.

“Most of the people who watched last year have already viewed the new film and have told us it should become an annual feature like the John Lewis Christmas ad.

“In fact, we’ve had plenty of them telling us that they like our ad better than what the big names are doing at this time of year.

“We had a lot of fun shooting it over two days – although the scenes outside the salon caused a few raised eyebrows.

“There is a busy bar right across the road, so we were getting plenty of shouts when we were hugging on the street while a man with a camera spun round us.”

“It’s lucky for us that Sean is such an easy-going guy with a sense of humour and he doesn’t mind the ribbing he gets.”

“We’re already planning next year’s and might even start shooting it in the summer.”

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