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Hilarious video shows guilty spaniel caught in act after destroying bed

A HILARIOUS video shows a springer spaniel caught in the act by his owner after destroying his bed.

Gwen Smith captured the moment she walked into her living room on Monday to find Lando looking guilty while surrounded by clumps of fluff.

The clip begins with Gwen, from Cupar, Fife, walking into the room and following a trail of white stuffing.


The camera then moves around to show the 16-month-old pooch halfway out of his cage with part of the bedding still in his mouth.

Gwen then says: “So, I wondered why you were so quiet today.

“As you can see…”

After realising that he has been caught, Lando then freezes while looking up at his owner innocently – with white stuffing still hanging from his mouth.

Lando caught
Lando caught in the act of chewing his bed.

Large clumps of fluff can be seen scattered around him as he remains frozen.

Gwen then pans around to show the ripped up dog bed on its side beside Lando’s cage.

Gwen’s husband Philip posted the video to social media later on that day, writing: “Caught by my wife today.”

The post has received over 100 likes and has dozens of comments from social media users who found Lando’s reaction hilarious.

One dog owner wrote: “It’s the face of denial with the bit hanging out of his mouth.”

Another said: “Oh yes, we know that face.

“Our boy is on bed five.”

“He also accidentally destroyed his sister’s.

“He carries a holey throw around too.

“Hoping he’ll grow out of it.”

Lando with a ball
Lando looking playful.

A social media user added: “That’s what we call in this house the ‘it wisnae me face’.”

And another dog owner commented: “We went through so many beds, we gave up.

“He now has a throw but has chewed holes in it.

“He has chewed his brothers too.”

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