Scots teacher tricks “scammer” into sending hilarious selfie in exchange for money


A SCOTS teacher has shared hilarious images showing how he tricked a “scammer” to send him a hilarious selfie in exchange for money.

Scott Campbell was initially sent messages from the man, known as John Swag, on a betting site forum in 2016 and he has been messaging him on WhatsApp ever since. 

Every now and then John pops up to request money from 45-year-old Scott.

Scott used WhatsApp to keep in touch with the scammer
Scott would chat with John Swag via WhatsApp.                                                                             Credit: Scott Campbell

On Sunday, John got in touch again and messaged Scott to ask him to transfer £425 to put towards hospital costs for his “sick mother”.

Scott, from Perth, decided to flip the situation round and wind up John by requesting that he send across a birthday message for his fictional brother in return.

The teacher named the sibling after cup winning St Johnstone keeper Zander Clark and sent him a photo of a wallet full of cash to entice him.

Moments later John sent a selfie holding up a piece of paper with “Big Zander pumped my maw” written on it after falling for Scott’s scam.

WhatsApp messages were sent between Scott and John
Scott kept John busy so he would not try to scam old ladies.                                                           Credit: Scott Campbell

Scott posted about his prank on Facebook on Monday, writing: “Scammer tried to get me to pay for his mum’s hospital bills. 

“I said I would do it if he sent a birthday message.”

The post has attracted over 100 laughing emojis and dozens of comments from social media users.

Sarah Gordon said: “Howling.”

Christopher Woodlock said: “Sucker.”

Samantha Hays said: “Well done Scott.”

Christine Cameron said: “Howling.”

Liz Stell added: “Chancer.”

Speaking today Scott said: “We initially met online in 2016, he was speaking to me on betting sites saying that he couldn’t place bets. 

“If he is speaking to me though then he is not speaking to old ladies and I think that’s a worthy price to pay. 

“I’m quite a massive Saints fan so when I had to think up a name for my brother, it was the first one that sprung to mind. 

“He seemed to believe a lot of what I told him including when I said I take thousands of children to the circus and that I had a voice recognition bank.

“I’ve been around the block a couple of times and John hasn’t woken up early enough to fool me.”

Scott has also shared images of conversations between him and John showing the “chancer” requesting money at various times over the past five years.

It is thought that more than £2bn was lost last year to various scamming activities.