Tuesday, July 5, 2022
BusinessInternational law firm completes Edinburgh office move

International law firm completes Edinburgh office move

INTERNATIONAL law firm Pinsent Masons have completed a move into new offices in the centre of Edinburgh’s financial district.

More than 200 lawyers and business operations colleagues will have access to the 25,000 sq ft premises in Capital Square in Morrison Street.

Pinsent Masons has a focus on hybrid working, as the number of people working from home increased dramatically during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key specifications were factored into the office design to take into account the changing working practices due to the pandemic and to meet the company’s environmental objectives and to promote wellbeing.

Pinsent Mason partners Michael Watson, Ewan Alexander and Jacqueline Harris at their new Capital Square office.
Pinsent Masons moved into new Edinburgh offices at Capital Square in the city’s financial district.                       (C) Sure PR

Dedicated spaces for collaboration, wellbeing and focused work, as well as a café and social hub with multifunctional use are all present in the building.

Along with a vibrant colour scheme, Pinsent Masons says these reinforce their commitment to becoming a purpose-led business with their people and wellbeing at its heart.

Also, the range of fabrics, materials and furniture were all chosen based on their sustainability credentials.

Partner and Head of Office Edinburgh, Ewan Alexander, said: “We have agile working practices across the firm’s international locations, but we felt it was necessary to review how the pandemic had changed staff attitudes to hybrid working and how we could best maximise the space available.

“We dialled down the number of physical workstations by more than 20% and freed up space to introduce more collaboration zones and meeting spaces within the new office.

“The design team put a lot of thought into the aesthetics, moving away from the older and colder office styles, to create a warmer, more welcoming environment.

“We also revised our technological needs in view of the lessons learned from working through the pandemic, and now have a single video technology which is accessible for every user, be that on a meeting room screen or on an individual laptop or mobile device.”

With over 450 partners and more than 3,300 people operating from 26 offices around the world, the firm looks to build on its commitment to Scottish businesses.

Ewan added: “We value being part of the Edinburgh business community and by investing in this flagship development we have underlined our commitment to Scottish businesses working across the UK and in international markets.

“The initial response from our people who have seen the new offices has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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