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NewsBreaking the bias over discriminatory pay on women’s day

Breaking the bias over discriminatory pay on women’s day

ON INTERNATIONAL women’s day (Tuesday March 8) equal pay claimants in Glasgow and Dundee’s local authorities are calling on employers to end discrimination in their pay and grading schemes.

They are asking employers to help “break the bias” of gender inequality.

Thousands of GMB Scotland union members in Glasgow and Dundee’s city councils have live equal pay claims against their employers.

Glasgow city council’s “discriminatory” pay system has been recognised with over £500m in equal pay settlements already paid-out in 2019.

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GMB the union, has thousands of members currently in pay disputes.

However, new and residual claims remain outstanding, with workers recently backing industrial action against delays in the replacement of the discriminatory pay system and the settlement of outstanding liabilities.

Meanwhile across Tayside, the union is lodging claims as thousands of women may have lost out on thousands of pounds each in earnings because of a pay agreement.

They claim council chiefs either suspect or know the pay agreement be discriminatory, where male dominated jobs receive higher bonuses and enhancements than their female colleagues.

By law men and women must get equal pay for doing equal work this includes the basic rate of pay, pensions, bonuses and benefits.

GMB Scotland Secretary Louise Gilmour said: “On International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember that we still have deep rooted gender pay discrimination in Scotland’s public services.

“The ongoing equal pay fights in Glasgow and Dundee are evidence of this.

“Our members affected will never get the time back that they’ve worked, but they can get what they are owed through the recognition of this discrimination and proper value for the vital work they do.

“So, the identification, challenge, and resolution of gender pay discrimination isn’t an event; it should be a constant process of change that everyone with a stake in the world of work must take responsibility for.

“That’s why we are urging the officials and elected representatives of these two cities, many of whom will be seeking re-election soon, to work with our members and not against them in the fight for equal pay.”

A Dundee City Council spokesperson said: “A number of Equal Pay Claims have been raised against Dundee City Council in the Employment Tribunal.

“These cases are at an early stage and it would not be appropriate for the council to comment further in the meantime.”

A Glasgow city council spokesperson said: “The council is committed to equal pay and to resolving equal pay claims – and a paper will go to committee this week seeking authority to make offers on new claims.

“The implementation of a new pay and grading scheme has been delayed by the pandemic.

“Unions asked the council to suspend work on job evaluation interviews during that period.”

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