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EntertainmentREVIEW- Captain Breadbeard's Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook

REVIEW- Captain Breadbeard’s Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook

RATING: 3/5 

CAPTAIN Breadbeard productions bring us Captain Breadbeard’s Bready Brilliant Comedy Cookbook, a family friendly sketch comedy show, filled with bread-based puns and skits. 

Stepfather-son duo Dave Watt and Nick Surridge open their show with a musical number played on bread instruments, breadsticks for drumsticks a baguette for a guitar and so on. 

Be prepared for a very musical show, with a number of interludes by Captain Breadbeard and his sidekick Davy Scones, including original compositions and some bready remixes of classics. 

Captain Breadboard and Davy Scones in the Bready Brilliany Comedy Cookbook.
Captain Breadboard and Davy Scones make for daft characters in a very silly show. (C) Captain Breadbeard Productions

The show is broken into different sections, with bun facts, some bread-based gameshows, character comedy skits (again bread-based) performed by Davy Scones, and health and safety advice for people with bread beards.

Whilst it’s not my kind of humour, I can appreciate it would definitely be a show that could appeal to younger audiences. 

The pair deliver their puns with confidence and energy, making for a very silly show with very silly characters. 

It would be an understatement to say it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before, and all things considered, it is a good bit of fun especially if you’re a bread lover.

There isn’t any real structure to the show, with Captain Breadbeard and Davy Scones jumping from bit to bit seemingly very randomly. 

A redeeming skit though, was one in which they put to the test whether buttered bread always lands face down, adding some interesting audience participation to the show. 

One lucky audience member got to push twenty buttered bread slices off a table to test a scientific discovery that buttered bread falls face down 80% of the time.

Science is proven wrong,in Breadbeard’s experiment though, with 90% of the bread landing face down. 

The two performers maintain character throughout the show and injected a bit of fun and energy into the crowd’s morning. 

Whilst not my cup of tea, I’d certainly recommend this show to anyone with kids and some free time in the early afternoon. 

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