Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Renewable realms: Getech finds solution to detect natural hydrogen sites

LOCATOR of subsurface resources, Getech, has launched a solution to pinpoint sites rich in natural hydrogen.

Combining knowledge of natural hydrogen’s genetic systems with Getech’s data platform, products and machine learning analysis, the firm says it can predict the location of natural hydrogen deposits in the subsurface.

This emerging low carbon, cost-efficient energy source has significant potential to support industrial decarbonisation.

Often referred to as white or gold hydrogen, natural hydrogen is a promising commodity.

Richard Bennett, executive chairman of Getech
Chairman, Richard Bennett, believes that natural hydrogen is a clean alternative to fossil fuels as it does not produce any greenhouse gases

With recent significant investments in new explorers including Denver-based Koloma, $91m has been raised in funds from investors including Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Getech’s approach categorises sources, migration paths, reservoir traps and seals which are then integrated with its data tools including the Globe digital platform.

This models the earth’s subsurface and uses computational modelling and AI machine learning to provide favourability maps, identifying the hotspots for developing natural hydrogen.

Evidence suggests there are vast reserves of clean, geologic hydrogen beneath the earth’s surface that can accelerate the energy transition.

Hydrogen can produce clean energy with only water as a byproduct and the gas can be used as a carbon free fuel for vehicles, for power generation and in many other industrial applications.

Natural hydrogen can form in a variety of ways and Getech’s approach focuses on three primary sources.

First being serpentinization, which involves the hydration of iron-rich rocks/minerals, radiolysis, splitting water molecules during radioactive decay of uranium or thorium, then finally, the decay of organic matter.

Getech has expertise in locating subsurface critical minerals and has already successfully deployed approaches to target sediment-hosted copper, zinc-lead and sedimentary lithium deposits.

They see significant benefit in applying the proven genetic approach to target natural hydrogen.

Richard Bennett, Executive Chairman of Getech said: “Natural hydrogen has huge potential as an efficient energy source as it has no greenhouse gas emissions on combustion and can therefore replace carbon intensive fuels in many applications as part of the energy transition.”

“We combine our deep understanding of the processes behind the formation of natural hydrogen resources with our global platform of geological, geophysical and past-climate data to identify the locations of potential new discoveries.

“These results can be invaluable during initial exploration screenings that help locate and quantify sites of interest and de-risk subsequent development phases.”

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