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Students left speechless after moving into new house – only to find it filled with maggots, mould and used underwear

A GROUP of students have been left disgusted after moving into their new accommodation only to find it filled with maggots, mould and even used underwear.

Daniel Locke moved into the house with three friends on Tuesday ahead of their final year at university.

However, the 20-year-old and his pals quickly discovered that their new home was in fact something out of a nightmare, being met with scores of disgusting debris and damage throughout the building.

A video shared by Daniel shows the full extent of the house’s condition, as it begins with two of the tenants posting by the doorway in a gas mask and a monkey mask.

The on-screen text reads: “POV: you just arrived at your new luxury student accommodation in Nottingham.”

The camera then pans along to the bay window at the front of the house, which has several full wheelie bins, bin bags and bedsheets lying outside of it.

The video goes on to detail the interior of the property, which shows maggots “greeting” the boys on entry.

Mould can be seen lining at least one of the walls and blinds, as well as a disgustingly dirty pair of boxers and socks having been found in one of the bedroom drawers.

Further images show the house boasting countless dents in the walls as well as broken wall sockets and even a faulty front door with the lock having seemingly fallen off.

The stairs appear to have exposed brick walls, and are littered with miscellaneous fragments and debris, as well as a used cigarette case and a pile of rubbish at the foot of the stairs.

The bedrooms feature stained mattresses, broken shelves and even black, dirty and used underwear such as pants and socks that were left by the previous occupants.

The garden isn’t accessible to step into due to the numerous amounts of bin bags that are piled-up outside.

Bizarrely, the oven doesn’t even feature a handle to open it, whilst the hob is greasy and dirty, and the microwave is filthy on the inside.

Used underwear found in the drawers.

The video was uploaded to social media by Daniel yesterday with the caption: “Loving the new house.”

The clip has since received over 20,000 likes and more than 300 comments from users left horrified by the state of the property.

One user wrote: “Its Nottingham what did you expect? All seriousness though that’s disgusting and that should not be allowed.”

Another joked: “Got a price on them socks?”

A third said: “Jesus that is not okay. Is it rented through an agency or private? I’d find somewhere else.”

Another user replied: “I thought the maggots were discarded chips.”

Daniel Locke (R) with housemates Henry (L) and Lorcan.
Daniel Locke (R) with housemates Henry (L) and Lorcan.

Speaking today business management and marketing student Daniel said: “Me and my mates moved into student accommodation on 12 September.

“We were greeted by black mould, maggots, a boiler that don’t meet registration, dirty mattresses, broken sockets, 30+ bin bags full of garden waste dumped in garden when our garden is made out of concrete, dirty underwear left in drawers and many more.

“We contacted the letting agency, Tristram’s Sales & Lettings Nottingham, and they said it’s not their responsibility.

“We are going through the uni and council to try get it sorted but we have no money to go somewhere else as they took a lot of money of us before moving in and we have not received our student loan.

“The landlord/letting agents don’t have an agreement with the uni as far as we know.

“The uni has been very helpful and it’s purely down to the landlord and letting agents who claim to specialise in student accommodation.

“Moving in has been very stressful on our mental health which is the last thing we need going into our final year at university.

“On arrival we were met with maggot-filled rubbish dumped in the front garden which you can evidently see in the video.

“As we walked in, we were met with a potent smell which hurt our chest. The first room was filled with black mould which a cleaner was attempting to remove and claimed he couldn’t do any more.

“As we went into the kitchen there was no light, just a lamp on the fridge.

“Furthermore, there was no oven handle and no evidence of cleaning done, the cleaner said he will do it tomorrow but this should be done before we move in.

“We also found a letter stating ‘needs new boiler as not up to legislation‘.

“As we went through the house is was dirty and all bins were full. When we went into the garden, we were met with 30 or more bags of garden waste.

“We have a concrete garden and we have spoken to the previous tenants through the TikTok and they said it was not there when they left, so it must be the landlord.

“As we explored all the rooms we found dirty underwear, old clothes, old bed sheets, socks dotted around the property, holes in walls, dirty mattresses and broken blinds.

“The shower room had no obscure glass and broken blinds showing all our neighbours us in the shower/using the toilet.

“Upstairs to the top floor there’s more rooms with mould, broken furniture and broken beds.

“Last night we have had the owner of Tristram’s come round as the TikTok has blown up and is ruining his credibility, and he has offered us a new house and compensation.

“However, we have not heard from the landlord so we would probably have to go small claims court to try get out of the contract if we were to move into the new property.

“To live there has been horrible. All three of us have asthma and it’s hard to breathe due to the mould and mould cleaner.

“Trying to sleep in the beds we feel itchy and have all had shortness of breath.

“We have lived off microwave meals and eating out due to no oven handle – it has been depressive and unsettling.

“The landlord has finally replied and is now threatening to sue me for defamation of character and agreed to terminate the contract if we withdraw complaints to the council and take down the TikTok.

A spokesperson for Tristram’s Sales & Lettings Nottingham today said: “The tenants viewed the property in May 2023 where they decided to go ahead and apply for the property for their next year’s accommodation.

“The service we get paid to do for this landlord does not allow us to deal with the old tenants moving out and new tenants moving in, the landlord takes on this responsibility.

“Tristram’s are only paid for the marketing of the property and the paperwork.

“The previous tenants left the property in a poor state and keys were released to the new tenants via the landlord, not via Tristram’s.

“Had Tristram’s been aware of the condition of the property prior to the keys being released we would have postponed the new tenants moving in, in order for the property be tidied and organised, ready for them.

“Following the complaint from the new tenants, I personally attended the property to see the condition with my own eyes yesterday, 14 September 2023.

“The property is now absolutely spotless, liveable and in a great condition. The cleaners had been in the property for two days getting it ready.

“The previous tenants contract finished on 6 September and new tenants started on 7 September.

“If anything, this situation should be a message to all landlords who choose to manage their own properties themselves with students to take note and allow themselves a small void period of roughly a week between old and new tenants to be able to prepare their properties ready for the next tenants.”

The landlord and university have both been approached for comment.

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