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Footie fans slam Wrexham AFC documentary after spotting “awful” map of FA Cup teams

FOOTBALL fans have slammed the Welcome to Wrexham documentary after spotting an “awful” map that wrongly shows the locations of FA Cup teams.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary offers a look into the Welsh side following its purchase by Hollywood actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds in November 2020.

The series has become a huge hit as it shows the two A-listers attempting to help the club gain promotion back to the English Football League (EFL) but its latest episode has caused a stir.

'Welcome to Wrexham' map
‘Welcome to Wrexham’ map. Credits: X.

Premiering on Tuesday, the episode follows Wrexham’s journey through the FA Cup, but eagle-eyed fan Luke Cannon pointed out glaring errors in one of the graphics used in the show.

Video opens with a shot from the episode showing a map of the UK with several crests of football teams dotted around, showing just some of the teams that compete in the FA Cup.

Luke’s face is overlaid alongside on-screen text reading: “This graphic in the Welcome to Wrexham doc is weird.”

Luke says: “So, I’m sat here watching the latest episode of the Welcome to Wrexham show and this episode is all about the FA Cup.

“This lovely graphic shows up, signifying a lot of the teams that play in the FA Cup. I was like ‘That’s an alright graphic’, but then I looked closer and this graphic is awful, awful.

“I don’t mind clubs being in or around where they’re meant to be, but Everton is apparently now a north-west Wales team, Cardiff and Swansea are now apparently playing in Devon.

“And, do you know that well known London club Brentford? Yeah, they’re now playing in the Pennines apparently.

“And, even Newcastle, the famous north-eastern team, yeah they’re just located outside of Liverpool now.

“This graphic is awful, awful. It is so badly put together. Like, at least try and attempt to put the teams where they’re meant to be.

“What the f**k is Brentford doing up here? Why?”

Luke shared the video to social media yesterday with the caption: “This Welcome to Wrexham Graphic is whack.”

The clip has since received over 1,600 likes and dozens of comments from users left bemused by the totally inaccurate map.

One user wrote: “The fact that Leeds is slightly further north than Newcastle is hilarious.”

Another commented: “Rochdale vs Everton, that famous Welsh derby. And who could forget that famous derby between Newport and QPR.”

A third replied: “Brentford that far north…who signed off on this? Must be a joke.”

Another said: “Blackburn half in Scotland.”

The series continues to follows the Welsh club following its promotion last season to League Two, returning to the Football League after a 15-year absence.

This season, the Red Dragons sit in seventh position in the League Two table as they aim for what would be an impressive back-to-back promotion.

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