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NewsHilarious video shows mum's X-rated reaction to notorious viral Amsterdam story

Hilarious video shows mum’s X-rated reaction to notorious viral Amsterdam story

A HILARIOUS video shows a mum’s X-rated reaction to being told about the notorious viral Amsterdam story.

Honi Jones thought it would be a laugh to tell her mum Aly all about the recent viral story about a dad and daughter’s visit to a seedy Amsterdam bar.

The “horrific” story was originally told by Charlotte Walton as a voice note to a pal before being shared to social media and attracting worldwide attention.

The story consists of Charlotte telling of how a friend of a friend, called Ellie, lives in a house share in London with several other girls.

One of these girls apparently then told Ellie of how she had just returned from a hen do in Amsterdam where both the stag and hen do visited at the same time.

The girls claims that one of the girls in the hen party got “super drunk” before deciding to go to a booth with a gloryhole.

Charlotte explains that a man then stuck his penis through the hole whilst the hen party girl gave him oral pleasure.

However, the story takes a stomach-churning twist as Charlotte claimed that the booth has a button which, when pressed, would reveal who is on the other side of the wall.

It is then claimed that both parties decided to push the button and in a ghastly reveal, the pair realised that they were father and daughter.

Charlotte then claims that she was told that the stag and hen parties both went home early as they were all traumatised by the incident.

Unsurprisingly, she also claims that this has broken up the whole family and that the mum has found out and is not speaking to the dad.

Honi from Gloucester, Gloucestershire decided to recount the grim story to her mum yesterday, who provided an explicit reaction.

The video begins with mum Aly reacting to the story as she says: “You wouldn’t tell anyone; you’d just kill yourself. I would, I’d have to do an overdose or something – that’s absolutely disgusting.

“Is this real?” she asks.

Her daughter laughs and says: “Yeah.”

A shocked Aly asks once again: “Genuinely real?”

Honi again confirms: “Yeah.”

Aly then outrageously asks: “And did he c*m in her mouth?”

Honi bursts out laughing at her mum’s response as another family member makes a gagging noise in the background before asking: “Why is that the first question?”

The family left stunned by their mum’s sordid follow-up question and remain silent for several long seconds before shouting: “I don’t know!”

Honi Jones and mum Aly. Credits: Facebook.

The video was posted to social media yesterday with the caption: “Mums reaction to ‘Amsterdam’ not sure why that was one of her first questions.”

The post has since received over 19,000 likes and more than 200 comments from users left in stitches by Aly’s brazen line of questioning.

One user wrote: “Oh come on, she’s only asking what we were all thinking!! Legend lol xx.”

Another said: “She’s too real.”

A third commented: “It’s a good question.”

Another said: “I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t that.”

A fifth replied: “I howled, she’s so real.”

Speaking today Honi said: “I honestly just thought it was hilarious, my belly hurt with laughter and I had tears rolling down my face, I think she’s just made for TikTok!”

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