T in the Park’s £2,500 ticket


By Rory Reynolds

REVELLERS at this year’s T in the Park festival can look forward to spending a luxury weekend with private toilets, bedrooms and fine dining – at a cost of £2,500 a ticket.

Organisers are battling the credit crunch head-on and offering the exclusive, VIP-area tickets to festival goers fed-up with mud baths, flimsy tents and filthy toilets.

The luxury tents, which range from £940 to £2505 for the weekend, are called “Cloudhouses, yurts and squrts” and will be fitted with sheepskin rugs, cushions and ornate lanterns.

A T in the Park spokeswoman said that the facilities are so luxurious that they would even “turn the headliners green with envy.”

She said: “The package comes complete with luxury accommodation, space to park and full access to the exclusive hospitality area.

“It includes a host of extras, including private catering, separate premium toilets and shower facilities.

“Regular campers won’t be allowed in the area and security will be in place.”

Also available will be fine dining and exclusive bars, away from the throng of the main festival.

Justine Lester, whose firm supplies the luxury tents, says there has been a move away slumming it for many fans.

She said: “We have found a big hole in the market in providing up-market accommodation at music festivals.

“Your stuff is so much safer because it is completely secure and other campers are not allowed into the area.”

Lester said that the “up-market chill-out pads” appealed to people not usually associated with rock festivals.

She said: “Teachers, doctors and lawyers are some of our best customers – it is mostly people in their 30s and beyond who have roughed it at festivals in the past, but want an easier life.”

But Scottish rockers the Dykeenies reckon that roughing is all part of the experience.

Brian Henderson, lead singer, said: “The luxury campsite sounds good, but we would rather just stay amongst the fans.

“The first year we played T in the Park, we camped with our mates and it was an absolutely brilliant weekend.

“You don’t get the full festival experience unless you camp.”