Death threat terror for ‘sexy Susan Boyle’ artist


subo paintingBy Michael MacLeod

A FRENCH artist who painted Susan Boyle as a saucy cigar-smoking sexpot has received death threats by fanatical Americans.

Laetitia Guilbaud was left “very scared” after being targeted in a hate campaign run by fundamentalist Christians from Texas.

The 24 year-old had to call in the police after 200 sick hate letters from furious SuBo fans who said she should be “crucified” for depicting the Scots singer as a sex kitten.

Her quirky picture, titled ‘Ooh La La Susan Boyle’ shows the Britain’s Got Talent star wearing racy pink lingerie, holding a champagne flute while sucking on a cigar.

The artist, who insists she is a SuBo fan, said: “When I read the first few emails I was very scared. Some of them were threatening me.

“I one week I got thousands of blog hits and emails. About 200 were sick. They came from Texas.”

One of the emails said: “This work is a mean depiction of a precious child of god.

“The artist should be crucified.”

Another read: “Susan is an angel. She would never behave in this way. Guilbaud should look to God and pray there is no retribution.”

The painting is due to be unveiled at the ArtDeCaf in Glasgow later this month, along with her notorious image of SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Laetitia added: “My artwork was never intended to insult or be hurtful.

“I am a fan of Susan.”

The £1500 painting is available to purchase on the ArtDeCaf website, but will hang on the gallery walls for the summer.


  1. I’m glad your not a fan of mine if, this is how you depict people you like. This painting in no way reflects the real Susan Boyle and is insulting. Shame on you!

  2. Laetitia added: “My artwork was never intended to insult or be hurtful.

    “I am a fan of Susan.”

    Well, Laetitia, you have an odd way of showing your respect! It is DISRESPECTFUL to portray a woman of virtue and faith in this slutty manner, and if you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you. In spite of my disappointment in you for doing this to such a lovely woman, I certainly don’t condone death threats. Those people were out of line, but I do understand their anger. Would you like someone to publicly display your mother in this manner? Or you?

    A nonviolent SuBo fan from Texas!

  3. I do not condone violence of any sort, but I must say that I cannot understand why anyone who professes to be a Susan Boyle fan would portray Susan in such a despicable way. Susan is a LADY, not a lady of the evening! She is a lovely, talented woman who has never done anything to deserve to be depicted in such a fashion.

    I would also like to protest this so-called art being shown anywhere, much less offered for sale. It should be destroyed immediately, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    If you wish to do a portrait of Susan Boyle, then please paint her as beautiful as she is and you would no doubt be commissioned to do millions.

  4. SuBo is a devout Catholic, and it obviously does not preclude a sense of humor. I rather think she would appreciate the honor of being included with the important figures in history who have merited such high quality caricature. In any case real Christians, including fundamentalist, do not go around wanting people to be crucified, as that is pretty much the opposite of their religious tenants. I think the figure of Susan in your painting is not the only one blowing smoke.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with the painting. It is a work of the artist’s imagination. Everybody is different. Everybody has a point of view. We all like Susan because she is different, why can’t we accept the different view of this artist? We all love Susan. Can’t we just live and let live in peace?

  6. I’ll bet Susan would get a kick out of this. I think it’s great. There are far more things for people to get upset over. Get over it. It’s just a painting.

  7. I am a member of the clergy. I am also as amazed and enthralled by Susan Boyle as anyone else. However, it seems to me that the painting must be engaged on its own terms, and that threats and denunciations and demands to destroy the work are all alike completely inapproriate.

    I would agree that anyone who threatens another with crucifixion has completely missed the entire point of both Christ and Christianity.

    I cannot say that I think very much of the work as a charicature. It seems so far off the mark as to be quite pointless, rather than witty. And I don’t think much of it as art–clearly there is talent there, but this work seems simply facile, mistaking merely being provocative for having something to say.

    I would suggest that this artist continue to apply her very considerable gifts, however–when she matures a little more, I think she will have something very fine to offer to us all.


    Rev. Judy

  8. For me, the painting looks nothing like Susan Boyle. However, I would vehemently defend the artist’s right to paint Susan or anyone else in any manner she chooses, without being intimidated or threatened.

  9. I love the painting!

    There are so many nutty people in this world. I can’t believe people would get so outraged over a painting. It’s a painting people! Get real!

    My fellow Arien, Susan Boyle, would probably love the painting too. Apparently the artist captured the true spirit of an Aries woman, good going.

    I am also a fan of Susan Boyle and can’t wait til she comes to the USA.

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